Friulano&Friends 2012 | Toros, Lis Neris, Venica&Venica best producers Friulano, Pinot grigio and Sauvignon Friuli Venezia Giulia

by Monday, June 25, 2012

It concluded the selection of Friulano&friends time to declare the best Friulian, Sauvignon and Pinot Gris from the last harvest marketing and obtained in FVG that proclaimed the names of Toros, Lis Neris and Venica&Venica which manufacturers of the best Friulian, Pinot grigio and Sauvignon Blanc from the region.

The initiative was organized by the regional Agency for rural development of Friuli Venezia Giulia, ERSA, Region FVG's operating arm for promotional activities in the field of gastronomy and regional agrifood with the collaboration of the newly formed consortium of DOC – FVG, and is placed in the context of the enhancement of the regional territory that goes under the claim of Friulano&friends.

The format has predicted that a first Board, consisting of regional delegates of industry associations (AIS, Assoenologi and ONAV) He made a shortlist of over 450 submitted by selecting labels, for each type, the finalists. A second Board, composed of 13 components, including experts and journalists of national and international fame, as well as representatives of major Italian industry guides (Espresso, Gambero Rosso, Vinibuoni of Italy) He tasted yesterday the 25 Friulano, the 15 Pinot grigio and the 15 Sauvignon finalists selection by identifying the best in wines:

Friulano 2011 the company Toros (Doc Collio)

The nose is fine and elegant, the palate impresses lightness and the vaguely resembles a champagne. The austerity and elegance make it nicer than others. Remains alive on the palate and delivers a sublime persistence.

Christian Bauer, Wine journalist & Markt


Pinot Gris Gris 2010 the company Lis Neris (Doc Friuli Colli Orientali)

Pinot Gris is a grape variety produced massively in Italy, but it probably has its peak of quality that obtained in the vineyards of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The company Lis Neris has always believed in this vine giving him a very important space as evidenced by the grey Gris Pinoit 2010 that was the first in its category. A wine capable of expressing the complexity characteristics of Pinot grigio, especially those hidden aromatic in his luggage. The scents are not only characterized by floral and fruity notes of beautiful sharpness, but also by mineral notes that enrich the complexity, a complexity that is also found in the taste of this wine progression that, Despite a generally warm vintage, He expresses himself with great pace and a beautiful note flavor in the final.

Franco Pallini, Winenews journalist

Sauvignon "Ronco delle mele" 2011 Venica company & Venica (Doc Collio)

Sauvignon "Collio Ronco delle mele" continues in the tradition of wine that is the emblem of the Sauvignon Blanc from Friuli Venezia Giulia. In this version, which derives from a rather warm vintage, enhances note a bit more exotic than in the past with a hint of passion fruit alongside those classic gooseberry and white peach that are responsive.

The taste has more structure than normal. The acidity, that you feel almost with brackish water is well represented by a glycerol richness that makes long and persistent.

Seductive hot and shuts off.

Daniele Cernilli, Committee Chairman Friulano&friends

The proclamation of the winners and their prizes took place on the stage of a festive Air during the opening ceremony of the event dedicated to prosciutto di san Daniele.

Unpublished works produced exclusively by the Scuola mosaicisti del Friuli were delivered to representatives of the three companies awarded in memory of the success achieved.

The first meeting between the more than 65 journalists intervened and the producers of wine labels finalists took place in San Daniele del Friuli during an evening dedicated to the pig and the enhancement of non-cut thigh from which originated the famous ham. It was greatly appreciated, mainly from foreign visitors, the menu of pork preparations accompanied by proposals of Pezzata Rossa Italiana and several other excellent basket Typically friulano.

An important action of incoming was carried out in parallel to bring the region a group of Austrian journalists and operators and representatives of industry bloggers.


Nell'Enoteca wines of Friuli Venezia Giulia in Castle Square during holiday Air are offered for tasting, In addition to wines finalists, also a selection of the best wines produced in the territories of the region, totaling over 100 proposed by the glass labels.

Here is a collection of short statements made by members of the Commission at the end of the Selection


Giampaolo GRAVINA (Guide L'espresso)

In the succession of batteries I perceived a rhythm, a style that was vivificandosi progression. I found a particularly cohesive Commission.


Franco PALLINI (Winenews)

A vintage hot as last, tends to homologate the Friulian wines on both types the Sauvignon.


Christian BAUER (Wein & Markt)

Wood is something reminiscent of other countries as well as other production styles. In FVG wine must be immediately, cool, pleasant. The wood is better suited to those wines that require a softening. This is not the case of vini friulani.


Elizabeth TAN (blogger

It was a very positive tasting for the high level of the wines tasted.

Pinot Gris wines are normally structured doesn't give, even pushing on maceration and on wood.

More surprises I encountered on Sauvignon: today on 15 wines tasted, I would have rewarded 3, There were, in my opinion, many world-class Sauvignon.


CERNILLI (Commission President Friulano&friends)

They won the 3 big three varietals specialists. It is a credible result.

Every manufacturer is trying to customize their wines as possible on the basis of the experience which accumulates and puts in practice. Each works in a way, that often has nothing to do with generally recognised agricultural rules.

The people's character finds himself in the character of their wines.


Mario BUSSO (Vinibuoni of Italy)

I was impressed at the high level of Pinot grigio: some expressions I have even impressed. I noticed the extraordinary translations territories, manufacturer, of styles that build a map of the wine particular vocation of FVG.


Lorenzo RUGGERI (Gambero rosso)

I had some surprises, especially the Pinot grigio. I found them for complex minerality and length. The Sauvignon there was a interesting media quality, with wines of great intensity. Concerning the Friulano I expected some bit of excellence in addition. I couldn't find wines that have me excited, Apart from some rare exceptions.

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