To each their own Chianti and his panties | Divertissement in the middle of the night

by Friday, June 22, 2012


A ognuno il suo chianti

Sometimes goes so. That even if you're tired, you are standing by 18 hours and the sweltering heat of the hottest day of the last 230 years has slightly clouded, before going to bed the last drink with friends hardly ever known refuses. And so, Imagine a bunch of lively women and acute, sipping a little Chianti in a Tuscan perfect nights: revitalising fresh, the breeze that caresses the cypresses, Lavender and Rosemary, and a stole of stars endless listening.

So, between the wine economy and work programmes, in the end chutes to talk about things more easy and fun. Take for example the infinite declinations of Chianti: so irreverent could be compared to so many different variety of panties. Everyone has his own style, his favourite: thong, Brazilian waxing, coulotte, boxer off, skin-tight boxer, slip; monocolor, striped, in flowers, Leopard, of lace, with comic book characters, Polka dot t. .. A bit like the Chianti, that has a thousand interpretations to undress to accarezzarne the body and decide which – or what – you are better "on".


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