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by Sunday, June 17, 2012


After eight years of waiting was presented officially yesterday, the general public and to the world of wine, the Carapace, the Arnaldo Pomodoro sculpture designed for holding Coltibuono of Bevagna, the Umbrian wine reality of the Lunelli family. The ribbon cutting – red Sagrantino, supported by the female Corps de ballet all Deja donné, that waved in the breeze of the hills of Montefalco in the rhythm of "Wine is so good" of the Balanescu Quartet-saw together Gino Lunelli and Arnaldo Pomodoro, friends and supporters of unique artwork in the world in which we live and work», What made possible above all thanks to the masterful design work of the architect trentino Giorgio Pedrotti. The result is a real monument to wine, Nestled between Assisi and Foligno, in a land where everything smells of poetry, mysticism and history. "This is an extraordinary work in harmony with the territory – informs the Mayor of Bevagna, Analyte Polticchia – also for the symbolism of Tomato which wanted to load the Carapace: longevity and the historicity that is represented by this sculpture is one of these places, carefully preserving the legacy of ancient peoples, as the Etruscans and the Romans». For this, announced the Polticchia, the leadership of the Unesco Club of Foligno has nominated the Carapace to Unesco Prize "La fabbrica del paesaggio", which will be awarded in November 2012. But not only. You have just signed an agreement whereby each ticket ripped into six circuits of the entire Museum will receive a voucher for free visit to the Carapace: an important promotional vehicle for a structure that aims to be not only a temple of wine made in Italy excellence, but also a container for art exhibitions, concerts, dance and drama performance. Of the rest, "this is an innovative Winery, without innovation and the world cannot go ahead», comment Tomatoes. And Marcello Lunelli, President of Coltibuono, Adds: «Mario Soldati said that wine is the poetry of the Earth and I think here we have written a poem that will remain in history. Having devoted half a century to the Trentino, We decided to become more open to other territory: first came the Pisan hills Podernuovo Seal and then we were literally electrocuted from Umbria and Sagrantino. The wine for us is passion, emotion, fun, is outpost and Vanguard of values such as environmental and land defense». Give reason also the vice President of the Giunta provinciale di Trento, Alberto Pacher, sole representative of Trentino institutions present at yesterday's opening ceremony: The Carapace is a marvelous work, very important, a good signal for the wine sector, immersed in a territory that just have a look to see why it has been able to inspire many great artists. It is a pride to think that here there is also a bit of Trentino». From the political world umbro, Instead, a host of institutions, the regional councillor to agriculture and tourism Fernanda Cecchini to President of the Umbria region Catiuscia Marini, the Mayor of Montefalco Donatella Tesei to cited Analyte Polticchia, Mayor of Bevagna. Among the guests was not even a nourished group of representatives of the Altagamma Foundation (bringing together Italian companies of international reputation, operating in the higher-end of the market, from high fashion to food and wine), the President of Censis Giuseppe De Rita, the great Angelo Gaja (one of the most famous characters of the world of Italian wine), the Chair of the Ais Umbria Sandro Camilli, and the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi and the face Massimo Giletti Rai. On the note of Stefano Malakouti Quartet, among the protagonists of Umbria Jazz 2012, the day yesterday welcomed the first selected guests to an event bathed, ça va sans dire, the Rosso di Montefalco Sagrantino sealing and Coltibuono (about 150,000 bottles current production), but also by the bubbles Ferrari, that reverberating in the Green and blue of a sun-kissed day, perfect for enhancing the beauty of the bright copper shaped by its Carapace Tomato, masterpiece of rare intensity and harmony with nature and with wine.

(my article on Corriere del Trentino today)

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  • Matthew
    November 23, 2012

    The great signed the first Pomodoro sculpture designed entirely for a winery. A large bright red copper shell that can seem like the body of a tortoise or a mighty huge spaceship contadina. All to protect and celebrate the Sagrantino…

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