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by Sunday, June 17, 2012

After the two local Bibenda Rome, to Assisi is the third wine cellar that boasts the prestigious Bibenda, the journal of the AIS. To manage that is Nila, Professional sommelier who knows the fact its on how to propose products tasting and wine. Attentive and courteous, It is a pleasure to hear her tell of the many labels that surround carpeting the walls of his room, nominated for the Oscar del vino 2012 best wine bar. Hundreds of bottles of wine available and a lot of those in glass, even the one signed by the Ais Cottarella, blood red blend available only in restaurants of haute cuisine, clever name as the nectar that refers: ro-man-zo. Excellent also the charcuterie tasting: all local home-cured meats served in abundant portions to 9 euro to chopping board, accompanied by rare's bread. Feliciano. Then you can play also to taste the bread and olive oil and some other sfizioseria.

A safe harbor, in a small town, Assisi, so gaunt addresses “righteous”, It is not by chance – permettetemelo – gestito da una donna 😉 .



by Nila Halun
Professional Sommelier AIS
Nepis Street, 9 – Assisi (Umbria)

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