Lemon Granita | From Sicily, the perfect prescription

by Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Her friend David Bilardello, romana transplanted in Sicily also volcanic and much more, sends us this recipe for a perfect lemon granita, true, successful golosa guaranteed.


Here are the doses and tips for doing an excellent lemon slush:

300 g sugar

.5 litres of water

5 lemons

2 grated lemon

Place the water in a pot, Let it cool, pour the sugar to melt well.

Meanwhile, squeeze the 5 lemons, and , When water with dissolved sugar will be at ambient temperature, pour the juice.

Then, take 2 submitted by 5 You squeezed lemons and grate the Peel.

At this point, strain the mixture and put in freezer. Don't forget to stir granita every so often with a wooden spoon, for you to stay creamy.

Patrizia Bilardello


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