And so I discovered that there is also the fat dressing | Luca Cai de Florence Warehouse cellar Pieve Vecchia guest of Campagnatico, in Maremma

by Friday, June 8, 2012

Osteria and fat dressing. I do not know, but the idea alone puts me happiness. I find reading about an event, that in Florence – but not only – you do a lot of talk by Cai and his fat dressing, Note, “The Warehouse”. Waiting to go there as soon as possible, I point out to you and I look your news, If you go before me. If you're in the area Maremma, the opportunity to sample the cuisine of Cai is an event planned for 16 June, I paste below the communication, and entitled “Maremma that offal” :(D).

La Cantina Pieve Vecchia opens the doors to quality street food. The great Luca Cai of the Osteria fat dressing "the warehouse" in Piazza della Passera in Florence has managed to carve out some time between the thousands of engagements (and for this we thank him) and will be host and starred with his Brigade of this unmissable evening based on offal prepared so absolutely unique.
Former "lampredottaro" fiorentino, Luca lately is nothing short of is on the crest of a wave: He just had a huge visibility due to its presence in EATALY TASTING, that took place a few days ago in Rome ahead of the opening of Eataly romano. Not to mention the great success had a TASTE, the gastronomic excellences of Florentine event organized by Davide Paolini Gastronaut. Its mission? Bring the quality street food beyond the streets.

The evening will begin with a drink around 19.30, will continue with dinner with several "Islands" that you can draw at will, curated by Luca Cai, at which you can taste its delicacies: language toast, lampredotto patties, forest squids, Grilled ravioli stuffed with lampredotto, sushi of lampredotto, tripe pods and pecorino. All washed down with wines from Cantina Pieve Vecchia.

The price of the evening is 28 euro, all included.

Last but not least: the music of Delirium Jazz Band. You don't know? When you watch this video you will find that you have not lost even a night. = OVIw8IwZPhw

Booking is essential. Email us at info@cantinapievevecchia.cOM or call 0564 996452.


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