Ca’ d Gal | Moscato that you expect and that makes you fall in love

by Thursday, June 7, 2012

Alessandro Boido had a dream: build a new identity for the Moscato D'Asti and ritrovarne all its distinct personality. His is a hand pass from generation to generation and name, Ca’ d Gal, comes from the grandfather lived in a family of women, «the only rooster in the henhouse», tells smiling Alexander, that in 1990 She decided to pursue her dream. It took seven years of testing and research, testimonies and acknowledgements, before the winemaker decided to start the final selection of the company's production for its Muscat Vigna Vecchia, from a vineyard that was then 40 years (today 55). Boidio's dream was very low yields and grapes harvested in an advanced state of ripeness. The result was a creamy wine but also fresh and aromatic: «Moscato Found that my father was in the past and I thought that wine you deserved more time than that provided by production. So, I decided that the Old Vineyard would be released on the market in September of the year following the harvest».

The skepticism of traders was so, but it passed in a hurry. The bottles were going like hot cakes, It sold like hotcakes. But Alexander still had other steps: "I wanted to understand – explains – If my Moscato could be stored. I remembered the bottles in the cellar put to rest in the sand in a cool place for several vintages. For this, from 1997, I started to put aside a few dozen bottles». The result is that today on the market there is the vintage 2005.

The result? A surprising Moscato, outside the box to which the industry has accustomed us. A sweet wine and dry at the same time, that leaves you with the gentleness of a caress and the thrill of a slight Kiss long overdue. A wine that you think a young man and instead discover a charming fifty with the determination of 30 (My Vigna Vecchia 2004 that Boidio has Uncorked seemed to me a wine of 2010, and instead…).

A product that is the real demonstration that Muscat can be, If treated with respect and passion, a great product, like – for example – the renowned Sauternes. THE 30 euro paid in cellar, per bottle (You can purchase only 3 head pieces), are more than well spent.

To Ca’ d Gal, then, you sleep and eat, a simple cooking, housewife, based on Alexander's grandmother's recipes. The piccolo mondo antico and quality of this reality is located in Santo Stefano Belbo (CN) and, now, in the most renowned restaurants in Italy.


Even the Dolcetto d'Alba of Ca’ d Gal is really interesting…


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