Gastronomical evening-Cool at all Bollinger from Inkiostro in Parma on 4 June

by Thursday, May 31, 2012

Receive public and by Francesca Poli this presentation of the evening which takes place in Parma's local Inkiostro next 4 June. It seems to me really gastronomical-cool, as every so often like to GeisheGourmet :).

To present this beautiful evening here is a novel that tells of a trip and a meeting…

The trip is to noble ingredients that come from many places- No to be cooked in INKIOSTRO…
There are crustaceans of Charles Forte in Sardinia, that navigating the seas appear fresh and excellent to be transformed into a delicious dish from unexpected shades. By scrolling through the Apennines are a farm, where animals live in meadows and Woods, fed with fruits, vegetables and organic cereals and growing time of nature.

From here comes the meat quality and authenticity for you natural- will savor flavors and unusual combinations. So too does one steer Podolico participant of this feast of- noble gradient.

Hen eggs speak ancient languages and show clothes with colors from white to chocolate, making the dough, rigoro- s pulled by hand, silky and the yellow of the Sun.
From an old glass greenhouse, animated fields from Robins, ar- Raha vegetables, fresh and seasonal; While strawberries pro- smoke of Tortona conclude their journey between custards and golden sheets.

But this is also the story of a meeting….the old maison Bollinger and Inkiostro kitchen.
A magical encounter, where careful cuisine and chef's refined Franco Madama mingle with the tradition of a blister that lasts dal1829 and she did time and patients- the most valuable quality for its maturation.

Important and structured champagne, capable of growing old as the great wines and to express their personality after no less than 3 years of aging for the Special Cuvee and rosé and for at least 5 for years the Great Amy…..because you taste a champagne Bollinger also means knowing how to enjoy the work of time and Earth .


In the pot

Scallop sandwich with mayonnaise with Strawberry

Joke Chianina beef and prawns with veils of toast with shallots and sauce Hollandaise

Lobster cannelloni with Zucchini blossom tidings and bisque sauce with peppers

Risotto with toasted almond cream, scallop and squid fried with black

Wild rabbit porchetta with prawn and pork Borghigiano with potato and ratatouille coin

Rose blossom ice cream

Strawberry millefeuille nutmeg in Tortona with vanilla cream of Bourbon and Parmigiano Reggiano


Chef Franco Madama


In the glass

Champagne Ayala Blanc de blanc ' 04

Bollinger Special Cuvée

Bollinger Special Cuvée Rosé

Bollinger La Grande Annee ' 02

Bollinger RD " 99 Magnum

Costa 120 EUR per person, wines included

You book:

Inkiostro restaurant by poly | Via San Leonardo, 124 – Parma Tel. 0521 776047 – Cell. 345 0074796 |


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