Torque foods | He and she, lovers and producers | Saturday In Rapallo 2 June

by Thursday, May 31, 2012

The food and wine for Indiana Jones del gusto Parlacomemangi, Viat Mazzini, 44 corner Via Fabrizio de Andrè (Music kiosk) in Rapallo, This weekend is staging a Festival entirely dedicated to wonderful products made by loving couples.

By 10 in front of the Delicatessen, Laura and Simone Altemani protagonists of a small meracatino of their goat cheese made with raw milk from their Saanen goats. Their Lilliputian country farm is called Sweet Floral, It is located in San Lazzaro, on the heights of Rapallo. Laura produces an amazing goat stracchino and substantial mature goat, that have earned a prestigious award from cheese Guide Gambero Rosso and reporting on vital Golosario by Paolo Massobrio, encyclopedia of things best of Italy.

In addition to the “dolcefioriti” the presentation-wine tasting an oil really interesting: to Alessandra and Giordano de “The Frantoio di Aldo Armed” of Alassio (Sv), two 2005 alacri who make their extra virgin olive oil from local olives with the ancient method of extracting said “de s-ciappa”. A jewel of fineness, gentleness and great price.

In the afternoon, by 16.30 GRAN FESTA in ParlaComeMangi, to celebrate the debut of the first SPARKLING WINE CLASSIC vintage METHOD 2009 FROM GRAPES PIGATO. Produces a’ other couple in love: Rossana and Roberto Tozzi, the fundamentalists of Pigato from Caramagna (Im), in their small Azienda Agricola Vis Amoris (Note).


The guys who love each other kissing standing
Against the gates of night
And pedestrians that pass mark finger them
But the guys who love each other
There are none
And their shade only
That trembles in the night
Stimulating the anger of passers-by
Their anger their contempt laughter their envy
The guys who love each other there are none
They are elsewhere much further at night
Much higher than the day
In the dazzling splendour of their first love.

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  • Guido
    June 1, 2012

    Thank you ……..heart! pleasure to meet you.

    • Gourmet Geisha
      June 1, 2012

      Guido, We have a dear friend in common who made me discover your reality, Andrea Paternoster. I also hope I meet you soon because you are really talented!

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