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by Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anna and I have known perhaps in one of the best ways that we can be for a GeishaGourmet: at the airport in Paris, both conducted in Champagne for a hit-and-run press tour. Her architectural journalist (I have to ask you if I can reveal here his identity!), I as well as construction of enogastronomy, how well do you know. Both, Watch-a-bit, passionate chitterlings, geese, foie gras, wines and gouranderie in General.

But Anna (orange scarf pictured) He has a passion in more. Make cakes. And the cakes that I do, but Cake Design… We talked to Reims, in front of many flute of Grande Dame and later during the return home. I was so fascinated and captivated by his passion for this which I consider really an art made up of maximum creativity and patience, that I asked her if she wanted to share it with us, mere mortals, who rejoice just that torta margherita is coming without puffs and capes. So what, Here is her first recipe, with his notes and his advice, with a lot of irony :).

May cake

If you have a free afternoon, If you suffer from insomnia, If you want to test your patience or test the professional capacity of your maid making them clean the kitchen after your experiment, or if, simply, you want to celebrate an anniversary without turning on a mortgage in confectionery, Here are some suggestions for making the cake in may.


Portions: by 1 to 20/30, Depending on the individual's desire to avoid the diabetic coma or leaving some free trail in the arteries to allow blood to flow to vital organs like the heart and brain.



ingredients for 2 Spain rectangular loaf

and 1 small Spain round loaf

10 eggs

500 gr of sugar

375 g flour

1 sachet of baking powder


For the filling

500 g mascarpone

250 ml whipping cream

150 gr icing sugar


For wet

Strega Liqueur

Peach juice

1 sugar spoon


Butter cream:

300 gr butter

150 gr of sugar

liquid aroma (lemon, vanilla)

For decoration:

Pink sugar fondant

white sugar fudge

Green food coloring

Pink candies

icing sugar

You can also make a single Spain loaf, but this preparation, ideal for making the Garcia, It is easier and safer, also solves the problem of having to cut, lift, turn the grill on top of the cake and then reposition it after having laid the filling, all without breaking it.

Preparation of the dough in the Pan of Spain:

fit the clear until stiff

beat the egg whites with sugar

combine the flour and baking powder to the egg yolks, mix well and then add the egg whites a little at a time, making sure to stir gently from bottom to top.

Put a little less than half of dough on a baking sheet cm rectangular 40 x 30 about covered with parchment paper and bake in hot 180 degrees for about 10 minutes. When the cake will be raised and Golden, After having separated from stendetele over a dishcloth moistened with warm water and well wrung out cloth.

Repeat with the rest of the dough, leaving a small part to make the round cupcake (Pan diameter 18 cm).

We return to the first Pan rectangle of Spain: After a few minutes remove the damp cloth, upside down while holding on the serving dish and, gently, remove the parchment paper.

Prepare the stuffing stirring the mascarpone with icing sugar and add the whipped cream. Brush the Pan with Spain bagna, ottnuta with fruit juice mixed with sugar and a small amount of Witch liquor. Spread the cream and cover with the second rectangle to Pan of Spain.

Put the cake in the refrigerator and let the cream solidifies a bit.

Meanwhile prepare the butter cream, mounting the butter with sugar, using a whisk, and add the aroma. It should be spread on the cake, but it must not be an unexceptionable work aesthetically, serves to soften and make the fondant adhesive.


You seem to have already struggled enough? Really the work starts now. The fudge you can find ready, and for pies of this size it is recommended.

On a marble worktop or even wood, roll out with a rolling pin three quarters of pink fondant, using icing sugar not to attack. When it reaches a thickness of a few millimeters and the surface will be enough to cover the cake and its edges, wrap it over the rolling pin and, starting from one side, place it on the cake. I recommend taking good measures, It is a gesture that you can't repeat.

Smooth the fondant with a special instrument, the smoother, being careful not to tear effect on green billiard cloth. If it were to happen no biggie, There is a plan B, —, whip up a decoration to cover up the damage.

Attention to fudge, In addition to being sticky tends to dry out quickly, then, If not using immediately, I recommend to close it in the film or cover it with a glass.


Roll out white fondant and cut two ribbons to be placed crosswise on the cake, to simulate a gift package. To remain attached to the sugar paste decorations create a Glue a bit of fondant dissolved in a little water and place on the body with a brush, or use of egg white.

Cut a square of white Fondant to cover the small round cake, formerly stuffed with mascarpone cream and coated with butter cream. This cake must be placed in the Centre of the rectangular cake, serves to simulate a sort of vase where you will place the sugar roses.

Made another White Ribbon to make the edge of the pot, and two cords, one white and one pink, by cross and use to make the upper edge.

At this point serve rose: big four, two white and two pink, to be placed at the corners of the cake, and some twenty pink buds. The procedinento is the same, but in the larger roses petals wider outer must be left, to create the effect of sbocciatura.

To make a rose you need to believe in themselves and have lots of patience, eventually it will become simple: draw several circles of fondant sugar, by 7 to 9, with a food shaping moulds, measurement that varies depending on the size of the rose to be obtained. The first circle is tight on himself, leaving the top open slightly. Then, one at a time, attach the petals, After having thinned the edges using a ball tool ( special tool for the fudge) by then the underlying petal ends with glue. Let the roses to become stronger, then, always with glue, attach the roses in the vase.

They finally realized the leaves, by adding a few drops of green food coloring to a stick of white fondant. You can do with a leaf-shaped stencil, or free-hand cut with a knife, After preparing a paper model. The nervatute can be recorded using a toothpick.

Last decoration, the daises Pink and white, that you get with two Daisy cutters of different sizes: overlaps a white flower with a rose and a pink coffettino, or white, Yellow, Gold. The flowers are then applied on the edge of the cake with the glue.

Sugar paste should not be put in the refrigerator, but since the filling is of cream and mascarpone, especially if it's warm I recommend you keep the cake there, by taking at least a half hour before you eat it.

Unwind on the couch and, While listening to the laments of your sore muscles, and spine crumpled, drink a glass of good wine and meditate on the craft of pastry chef that, If it is not already, should be placed in physically demanding jobs list…


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    May 30, 2012

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    May 31, 2012

    Come on, ventured!!!!

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