Cooking for Wine and Emerging Chefs in Naples | 20-22 may

by Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cooking For Wine back to Naples for the Edition 2012. The first stage of the tour of Italy Emerging youth. The protagonists of the Emerging Best Chef of South Italy will race from Sunday 20 may 2012 until Tuesday 22.

As a tradition, this year the event conceived and presented by the journalist Luigi Cremona Gastronome and organized by Witaly, will take place in the historic and exclusive Circolo Savoia, in conjunction with VitignoItalia, in Naples, on the quay of the port of Santa Lucia in front of Castel dell'Ovo.

The industry's best journalists will preside the prestigious jury that will choose the winner of the race, the promising young Italian gourmet caterers of South.

Three macro-regions in the race: Sunday will be the Campania, on Monday will open with Puglia and Basilicata, to close with Sicily and Calabria. The three finalists will compete on Tuesday. Players will also be numerous products of excellence of the eno- agroalimentare Campania and neighbouring regions.

"Napoli Contro Tutti" is one of the novelties of this edition. The most important signatures of contemporary Neapolitan pizza challenge brave gentlemen of North and Central Italy.

Sunday 20 the pizzaiolo Salvo Ciro, of Naples, against Stephen Callegari, of Rome.

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On Monday, Henry and Carlos Alberto Lombardi, of Naples, against Matthew Aloe, of Castel Maggiore (Bo).

Tuesday, 22, Gino Sorbillo and Toto Sorbillo against Sunsets, with Vittorio Giordano and Joseph Giordano author of Parsons ' ino, international patent Crown cooking (PCT – Patent Cooperation Treaty).

Among other initiatives, Sunday 20 by 19.30, Cooking For Wine is pleased to present the evening "Cheap Pizza & Chic "with Gino Sorbillo and Enzo Coccia.

Monday, 21 by 19.30, the evening is devoted to "Donne del Vino Della Campania": producers, journalists and cooks all bells will perform in a cheerful and joyful event.

Cooking For Wine, therefore, is not a simple game, nor a trivial tasting but wants to "out" the passion, the seriousness and emotions behind the people and food and wine sector products of Italy.

Sunday 20 may from 12.00 at 23.00 Monday 21 may from 12.00 at 23.00 Tuesday, 22 may from 12.00 at 19.00

Circolo Savoia , Reale Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia Naples is in Via Partenope height Hotel Santa Lucia


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