Wine roads of Trentino: on the first of January 2013 the road will Only

by Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Even a few months sled, but now it is certain. The five Strade del vino e dei sapori del Trentino it would hold and new road only will begin to be operational on 1 January 2013. It has formalized today Francesco Antoniolli, President of the Strada del vino e dei sapori Trento and Valsugana, during the annual meeting held at the Cantina Sociale di Trento and just ended.

The unification was to materialize this year, but for bureaucratic issues has slipped. Starting from 2013, then, the Trentino will have 3 Streets: the wine, one of the apples and cheese.

At the end of July is scheduled the day when each of the five roads of Trentino wine will meet in special meeting to melt and, After about 60 days-bureaucratic notary, will the new road Only.

But we're well under way. Because there is already a logo, that is what you can see in the photo above, Although it is a draft that still some changes will be made, did you know Antoniolli.

In last, Here is the slide which explains the future, new road layout Only:


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  • Andrea
    May 11, 2012

    …is for a while’ now that there is also an app for iPhone…It's called “GustoTrentino”…a little’ to enrich content and honestly a bit too confusing and not easy reading, This at least in my opinion, I find a lot clearer, Although solely inherent to the world of wine, the South Tyrolean application “Wine Road”;

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