To Caesar what is Caesar's: Francesca Negri (aka GeishaGourmet) DO NOT write about Trentino Wine Blog

by Tuesday, May 8, 2012

After the third or fourth person said to me "Oh, but they told me that you write on Trentino Wine Blog» I decided to make this short post. Why it should be given to Caesar what is Caesar's: I never wrote about Trentino Wine Blog except once, but I deleted right after the post. I wanted to take readers to that blog a news report that I thought was interesting for them and that I posted on Geishagourmet. I don't remember what, but since now was taken ill (like I want to autopubblicizzarmi), I deleted everything.

Enrolled at their newsletter as are many other, because my journalistic work leads me to be informed. I have never intervened on Trentino Wine Blogs with comments. I don't, TWB's friends and know why I wrote them a private mail, because to someone like me who is used to sign with real first and last name and get always the face, people used to always treat the news journalism, like to play with mates who discover the cards the same way and are subject to the same rules of the game. is linked between the blog's footer TWB, but it was an idea of the creators of the blog and I was glad. But the honors and criticism of Trentino Wine Blog go to other, not GeishaGourmet. Who wants to read I found here, on A Table, the Corriere del Trentino, on TrentinoMese, on Tv with Tca Trentio DOP – Excellent Territories, every so often on the world and on Corriere della Sera, in the library with my books.

I'm sure you'll appreciate this clarification TWB. For my part, I will continue to follow TWB's friends and hope that they will continue to do so with me and I hope that soon we can also find with a glass of wine in hand to chat, no nickname and masks.




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  • Cosimo Piovasco di Rondò
    May 8, 2012

    Dear Francesca, of course we appreciate your taking away and your correct clarification. And confirm that aside from that episode that had irked some commentators (not us) – If we remember well was the election of the new Board of the Institute of Trento -, you're no longer intervened in our blog. For the rest, We are pleased that someone has assimilated somewhat to us: Basically it means that you recognize this blog Corsair journalistic quality that belongs to you. A great satisfaction (for us, eh), can't find?
    We conduct a battle, because for us to battle militant (even with the Balaclava) This is, that sometimes intersects with your valuable work and your profession: try to exploit, without pretense, Trine and promotional shoelaces, Trentino wine products. That, We are convinced, today suffer not for their alleged qualitative deficit but for a political deficit with regard to the delicate balance of the establishment trentino, It is flattened on the blind defense of some dominant class interests. Not by territory, but classy. AND, from strict Marxist, We like to reiterate this word: class.
    AND’ clear, then, We move differently from you: you with balanced journalistic style, us using the biting style, and little journalism, Corsair critics. That made us earn, in a few months, a long list of much fierce criticism. And maybe even something more. Sorry, Of course, If these poisons have touched you unfairly.
    As a drink, or smoking a cigarette, together, Dear Francesca, has already happened and will happen again for sure. Always with pleasure, sincere, to share opinions and views. Fortunately often different, but equally interesting.
    Cosimo Piovasco di Rondò
    The gang of Cosimo&Co

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