Restaurants. An idea scaccia crisis or multiply-covered: the picnic basket. Seen from Winery Cozzi in Bergamo

by Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bergamo, Upper Town. About carefree, After a plate of tartar “frosted” with fresh tomatoes and a drizzle of mozzarella di bufala (exquisite!) the tavern Colleoni, among the ancient streets of upper Bergamo. Around me a lot of tourists, especially English and German. Restaurants, though, I have not seemed taken by assault… So, between a clothing shop, one of the books and another of polenta and osei (Typical sweet of Bergamo), so you finish before the Vineria Cozzi, that is one of my favorite destinations for the bloc of foie gras and the atmosphere, a little’ in Paris.

So I find myself hanging there, local and outside in plain view, This sign: with the chef lying in one of the city's high meadows, romantic and happy with his picnic basket. With 22 Euro Cozzi gorges you and sends you to make a Déjeuner sur l'herbe seeing once more walls Berghem “de hota”. The trash you put us all this:

A curious idea scaccia crisis or multiply-covered if you have the full, don't think?

PS. In the basket, though, to that figure just the water seems a little’ little… We would look good half of Valcalepio, no?!


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