GG interview Annamaria Clementi, la Signora della Franciacorta. Together with Maurizio Zanella. All about may TrentinoMese 2012. On newsstands tomorrow.

by Monday, April 30, 2012

On may TrentinoMese 2012 There will be some’ of my articles, but above all one of my exclusive interview… that begins…

Every wine enthusiast, probably, I drank at least a bottle. Because the Annamaria Clementi is the label of one of the most famous of Franciacorta maison Italy, Ca ' del Bosco, and the bubble made in Italy more expensive in absolute terms: the Brut version costs about 90 euro in wine cellars, The Rosé 150 euro. Champagne prices noble, In short. The wine lover and all the sommelier knows that Annamaria Clementi is the name of the mother of the founder of Ca ' del Bosco, Maurizio Zanella (now President of the Institute of protection of Franciacorta), and often believe is a label dedicated to his memory. But it is not so. Because she, Annamaria Clementi, born in Bormio the 17 April 1928, He recently turned off 84 candles and is in great shape, Despite some ailments of age and some health problem. From quite a few years, this radiant Lady âge from Beirut from 20-year-old retired in the house built by her husband Albano in Ossana, in Val di Sole, his country of birth. An Alpine-style house, tastefully furnished, that Annamaria loves define my Hermitage ", and that they just don't want to know to get away, stubborn as a RAM (her zodiac sign), Although the children and grandchildren, all allocated in Franciacorta, just waiting that you with them. ' Don't talk, I'm fine here, in the tranquillity of Ossana, among my beloved mountains», responds with a gesture Weidong of the hand motivates his choice indicating the landscape with the floor-to-ceiling windows of her house: the Valley, the slopes, the garden bounded by wooden fences, the Woods where once was always for mushrooms with Albano, gone now 13 years ago.

In the basement of Annamaria Clementi are all number 1 the vintages of Franciacorta, which bears his name, even though you – surprise – they drink no wine, and practically only Maurizio Zanella, that is a classy red blend.

The fact is, the roots of one of the most famous bubbles of Italy and bitter competitors of TrentoDoc by our House are still from Trentino. A story worth repeating, just together with Annamaria Clementi (AMC) and his son, monsieur Maurizio Zanella (MZ).

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