Maurizio Zanella: Just “bubbles”. Call us only Franciacorta. But the real challenge is finding a name appeal to define the classic Italian method

by Friday, April 27, 2012

A full blown to stop one of the terms most commonly used to indicate the Franciacorta, rather than Champagne or sparkling wine typically. The appeal comes from the Franciacorta Consortium, that applies especially to those who notify the wine, but also to business, fans and producers.

"We call the wine under his own name and not under terms that generalize and standardize the peculiarities, appiattendone, as a matter of fact, the perceived quality – explains Maurizio Zanella, President of the Franciacorta Consortium (in the picture with your GG) -. ' Bubbles ' is an obsolete term and no future. The present time offers us a new opportunity to affirm our quality wines, starting from consolidating the basic culture and an appropriate language ".

"It's necessary – adds Zanella – start a new path to enhance the great wines also from the point of view ' rating '. With commitment and passion the Franciacorta has reached the milestone of 50 years; at this point, I think it's ripe for a next step, important to definitively find, nationally and internationally, a consistent and meets positionning for excellence that expresses ".

"And who do not call more sparkling wine – continues Zanella – for no reason in the world. I have nicely pointed out to his friend Franco Maria Ricci in response to an article published in March on ' Bibenda 7 '. The similarity between ' sparkling wine ' and Franciacorta is to banish any quote. Not for wishful thinking or principle, but Ministerial Decree ".

In detail, It refers to the production of Franciacorta, approved by Ministerial Decree (Mipaaf) and published in the official journal of the Italian Republic in the first instance the 24 October 1995 – General series 249, art. 7 and then, as a result of further restrictive changes, the 23 October 2010 – General series 249, art. 7, which reads: "to identify all Franciacorta, It is forbidden to specify the processing method, metodo classico, traditional method, method of refermentation in the bottle and use the terms "sparkling wine.

"Today the Franciacorta, as well as other quality wines, requires more than, elegance, identity, the word bubbles, now, is not able to give – concludes the President Zanella. Franciacorta, Champagne and Cava: in Europe, only these 3 wines may use a single term to accurately identify a wine, a territory and the production method. Here is the identity of which I speak. Call the wine under his own name and then: Sparkling Wines, without Naming specific wines; Franciacorta, the Franciacorta ".

Unfortunately I think that above all we journalists looking for synonyms cannot meet demands often Maurizio Zanella.

Rather the point is: find a name for the classic Italian method which is nice as Champagne… Not easy, eh? While I think any of you have ideas?


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  • bepi
    April 28, 2012

    Maybe the bubbles to give head…
    But who is believed to be Mr. Zahid to shoot this a Homeric (free translation of fatwa)?
    Hopefully not suffer too, I would ask him to sit down before you read the next lines: I (and, I think, a few million other) I will continue to use the word bubbles (and, Why not if it happens, the Anglo-American correspondent “bubbles”) to define all wines with bubbles.
    That like it or not that mister Z, for the rest of the world (except him) with bubbles to semi-sparkling wines and sparkling wines, regardless of the area where and the technologies used.
    After, Click the ID: as well as when we say red wines or white wines (implied: fermi) We are a large category, within which there are Italians and foreigners, top wines and wines from the supermarket, big names and unknown companies… Talk about the premise that only white wines (Maybe specifying italiani, natives) We can ask a Passerina fearlessly taking a slap…
    I take the cue from the book “Ecumenical” written by a fellow – Gianluca Bisol – entitled “Viva il Prosecco, Down with Champagne " (subtitle: “but I love all the bubbles in the world”) to note that in his statement “Franciacorta, Champagne and Cava: in Europe, only these 3 wines may use a single term to accurately identify a wine, a territory and the production method” He overlooked the Prosecco… More than an oversight, It seems to me a good and beautiful wickedness (or is it envy for a competitor who has the “numbers”?).
    For Mr. Zahid credo basti…
    To you, My Dear Francesca, wonder: how much cost the two names that in recent 30 years have given birth to the genes of Italian sparkling wine marketing? I refer to the unhappy, heartbreaking NORMAL (abandoned because nobody wanted to believe it was not a typo…) and talent. If someone is giving away a prize equal to one tenth of the cost of these two, I begin to think seriously.
    Free I can suggest a name only: BUBBLY… Hoping that the good sense of Mr. Zahid find the way home, sniffing the scent of bread crust (in the fairy tale actually are crumbs… but it's a little poetic license).
    A cordial greeting,
    Bepi Pucciarelli

  • Angelo Rossi, Trento
    April 30, 2012

    Dear Bepi Pucciarelli, I think our Geisha were still in diapers when he aired the first half of the NORMAL and the second of talent to be able to say how much it cost that movie. I remember it well and I can assure you that in comparison to how much you're spending today to get much less, It costs so little that could be summed up in one word: FREE!
    In fact, costs, for NORMAL were several meetings (strongly desired by Trento) held in Milan at the headquarters of the Italian Institute Metodo Classico chaired then by Ethyl Carpenè and directed by Anna Pankaj, with producers who obviously do not dreamed of exhibiting neither the cost of the provision nor the recasting of cultural travel, for a couple of days with 50 National big (renting location on Lake Garda with dinner, overnight stay and concluding lunch) and the recasting of meri to Davide Paolini organisation outline costs. Thus was born the NORMAL, of classic with maximum, immediately killed by a short article of the Republic that he remembered how in Greek that term meant flatulence. Unbearable, then. Today, after other 20 years of disarray and other smells around, the normal profumerebbe of lavender.
    The cost of TALENT finally, even less: just a call of our Ensign Sardegna which, following the motorway Fiat van, named the National President who in turn, exhausted, If I pleased, in order to move forward.
    School of marketing, then, they taught that a trademark was not discussed, but accepted. Point. As if to say that if you call Fatebenefratelli, 4saltiinpadella or Vattelapesca is fine if you have a shared project behind, otherwise you get to look in a vocabulary term that will not help you to lose time and money. Bubbly bubbles or including.
    That's because in the words of Maurizio Zanella I would read, today, an opening that at that time there was. Franciacorta has meanwhile established itself, but needing a consolidation because there are not all roses and flowers. A leadership for being such, must be recognized by colleagues of other production areas and to do this you need to spend for a larger project. The surname is the consequence of this utopia.

  • Gourmet Geisha
    April 30, 2012

    Dear, the money spent on Talent, in the normal, in TrentoDoc (sigh and sic) now are spent. And we must look forward with intelligence. To this I say that the stricter requirement you will find an interesting and catchy name for the classic Italian method. And my idea is to ask children. Do a competition of ideas. Give way to the young aspiring men of advertising and marketing practice with something big and hard. Who knows that you don't leave something good… I'd like someone we tried.

  • Angelo Rossi, Trento
    May 2, 2012

    Yes of course Geisha, the idea to entrust young people searching for a name (surname) for the classic method spumante in Italy is great. It would be nice that this time to spend for this trust were franciacortini, Perhaps after a phone call to the bosses of other suitable areas. So know who pulls back, Unfortunately. The crisis might help since the previous time coincided with a development cycle. It was flop. We Know, In fact, that the best ideas come out inevitably from times of trouble. Everything lies in seizing the opportunity.

    • Gourmet Geisha
      May 2, 2012

      I rather think no matter who is born the initiative. Indeed, I'll tell you, in my opinion, is better than no nasca no reality spumantistica, but it is off by a third and that will spread among the people. In these things I always like doing the Climatehouse, that was a flop just imposed from above by the province of Bolzano, which has become a must only after it has been people in South Tyrol – and then Italy – understand the importance and want to… Here we talk about other things, but the concept is the same. Might be San Michele that launches this logo contest? Why not? We talk about?

  • Angelo Rossi, Trento
    May 3, 2012

    Talking is always good, Dear Geisha, otherwise we wouldn't be here. Social networks serve, all right, to change things. Someone in the profession, though, will sooner or later will have to mend otherwise we would have anarchy. With all that offer everything. I remember that before the NORMAL and talent the Italian Institute of Metodo Classico had launched a national competition for the “name” with a premium 25 millions of Lire: thousands of answers, none accepted, Prize for charity. The time was not ripe.

  • Gourmet Geisha
    May 3, 2012

    I said we'll talk not on social networks, but vis a vis, We put in motion something. This was what I meant. Things that happen, you write (also blogged), but the things you write are not always. And I have to try to make.

  • Giuliano
    May 4, 2012

    You're absolutely right Geisha write on blogs is Yes but not quite worth much more to act in person.
    I really appreciate your determination.

  • Gourmet Geisha
    May 5, 2012

    Thanks Giuliano :).

  • shadoutusul
    June 17, 2012

    sorry but maybe there is a misunderstanding Maurizio Zanella simply wants to mark the difference between sparkling wine Franciacorta product which has now assumed a global identity and the sparkling wines that are produced in other regions. You have to admit that even the Trentino sparkling wines that have a longer history than those of Franciacorta have managed to impose their brands worldwide. The Franciacorta sparkling instead mainly thanks to Maurizio Zanella, who was the first to believe have now gained world-wide fame to put them in competition with that of Champagne. So enough talk of bubbles, but we speak rightly of Franciacorta, Trentino, ecc.ecc. to identify the area of production of sparkling wine. How to find a name to identify the Italian sparkling wine is a false problem. In a world where globalisation brings more and more to enhance its specificity does not make sense to give a common name to a sparkling Franciacorta product with a product in the Collio or nel Lazio. Then we promote diversity and forget the uniformity!

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