My Dinner Date | Progress towards a wine (and food) lover | Excerpt from chapter IX of Sex and the wine

by Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Progress towards a wine (and food) lover

I had spent the last three days in a latent state of agi- NECT, but fortunately nobody had noticed. My article on Octopus, of the rest, I did not word nor with Roberto nor with my parents, While the girls in the club ave- vo asked joining at Black Lounge for an aperitif in the evening of the day he would exit the magazine.

«Why?», I had asked Alessandra. The Black Lounge was not one of the locals who used to date usually and for this I had chosen: If things had gone wrong I would have got around too many people I knew. On the contrary, If the article had hit the mark, We went the night at Church.

"I can only say that there will be many bubbles uncorking, to celebrate or forget».

«Cooking must boil something big, then. Even when it first came out your book had organized an evening with these conditions».

"You're right, Monday will be an important day. See you there at 18?»

"It is not too early for you?»
«No, Monday, I decided not to work».
«Okay, see you there». Alessandra had understood from my tone of voice that I wouldn't be dropped in more details and that would- be had to wait a few days to find the answers to your questions.

Telefonai other girls more or less replicating with all three had conversation with Alessandra. The weekend was spent fast: Saturday night I had been involved in the party that the cantina La Vis Trentino had organized at the Guggenheim in Ve- nezia to celebrate twenty years of his Portraits wines, While Sunday with Roberto we had decided to do a sor- his son Jack, Alexander, and so we went to Gardaland, the famous amusement park del Garda, then dine to the sounds of tortelli di zucca in Valeggio sul Mincio. By dint of coming to restaurants with us and hear about the kitchen, Alexander had started- to such passion: preferred the culatello with cured ham, the municipality of Langhirano sliced Strolghino salami, homemade pasta to supermarket packaged tortellini. There was few years wanted to, but in the end I was successful in three small "enterprises", If you consi- food tastes who wish of a child: do prefer flesh blood rather than thoroughly cooked (Unlike his father he still ate style "shoe sole"), crisps made with fresh potatoes frozen over, homemade cake instead of the packaged snacks. Recently I was able to convince him to eat the fish. In the latter case, though, the situation I had escaped from hand: Alessandro ate only the freshest fish, and possibly cooked alla brace, better still if someone of his two or three favorite seafood restaurants. The Mc Donald's was always in the top ten of his favourite local, but it was no longer obliged to stage every Saturday night. Miracle. My palate was safe, and also his. With wine, Instead, Yet there was to.

' I'll put you in the water a little this Valpolicella?», I asked him as we were waiting for our pumpkin tortelli.

«No, you know I don't like», I answered Alexander, then pre- If coke and made quite a mouthful.

"It's good that, true? Especially more healthy…».

«No, but I water and wine don't drink. Rather than sticking with the same old story that you've started to drink it when you were four years old. I do not drink wine ever».

«Don't tell no joke, you know that abstainers make me fear, There is to be trusted. One of my rules is: never get engaged with a guy (or a girl in your case) who doesn't drink wine. Remember this for when you're bigger».

"Oh yes, and what other rules you have about boyfriends?», There he entertained Roberto.

«Well, the test for me is always passed through the table. I keep repeating it to girls, but often if you forget…».

«And we feel a bit, What would be your Decalogue?»

«First, We depart from the invitation. If one on the first pin- Chin brings in pizzeria to-DOS are two: If you are on time to pretend a headache to give forfait, Do it, If the location was a surprise, finish the pizza, facts bring home and not answer the phone anymore. There are money, but I think someone who is really interested in you, the first dinner together we take to make sure it's special, as ambient, atmosphere and menu, can't find?»

«Right», confirmed.

«According To: the would-be boyfriend must assume that will get you home. If it gives you appointment directly to local, even in this case a sudden malaise will help give him the hole and delete it from your phonebook. Mettia- mo instead of him to take at home: must be punctual- and open the car door».

«Extreme», Roberto commented.

"You always do and you're not the only man that I have met who has a habit of doing it».

"I think you're been fortunate, because I rather think that is not an attitude so common, no longer at least… Come on, go ahead, This thing is enjoying it so much…».

«The restaurant should not be starry eyed, Okay even if it is an Inn, but those details, cured. Let's say the loca- the chosen from the would-be conqueror goes well. At that point click the ritual of dinner. He has to help you remove and put the coat, transfer the wine at the table and keep an eye on the glass because it should never be empty, Watch you all night, converse with ease».

"Everything here?», ironic churches.

"Obviously no. Good give them clues to what will sort from the menu and, especially, his way of eating. One that can be enjoyed each dish with the right cool, savoring each bite, will behave in the same way also in life: you will enjoy every moment, not only in bed».

"In that sense in bed?», Alexander intervened there was listening attentively.

"I'll explain in a couple of years», Roberto replied.

"It's not fair papi, tell me always so», protested him wrongful- down his little nose to the French in a frown of disappointment. It was just a beautiful baby, high, well structured, Peach skin, slightly wavy brown hair and two noc eyes- ciola from Fawn you would think to do anything.

«Then don't forget the wine talk. If one is simply for teetotaler stance might be lost- the Earth's most fascinating na, but I would think that has something wrong», subentrai to distract Alexander.

«Luckily, When we went out together for the first vol- ta I did choose to you the restaurant… I find it amazing that someone has managed to pass the test. Then davi votes? In "forks", in "stars", in "clusters" or in cents? And I as I went that evening at Canto del Maggio?», toyed Roberto laughing of taste.

"You went fine, and do you know. Everything was perfect, from the first moment. Let's say I gave you quite a 94/100».


"You can always improve treasure», I answered strizzandogli one eye.

You can always improve. This is one of the cornerstones of my philosophy applied to myself: cut a line, should I just prefissarmene another to overcome and be more dif- harder than the previous one, otherwise that there is taste? The Octopus was one of these lenses and I had fairly short times centered: After eight months of collaboration, [Continues in the novel Sex and the Wine, Francesca Negri]


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