Dinner Date | New gastro reality on Sky One | What a disaster…

by Monday, April 9, 2012

The importance of having a first date at the table I discussed enough, species in my novel Sex and the wine. So, When today, by zapping, I have found the first bet of this sort of reality show on Sky One, I couldn't help but stop and stare. Dinner Date, Love in the kitchen in Italian, basically how it works: a single, five menus, only three possibilities’ of choice. More delicious menus will be presented in three events in the dark in order to find your soul mate, at least at the table. In this first episode the letters was a she and Cook were three men. The whole thing takes place in England, where the ritual is certainly not cuisine of the holiest. At least in our imagination municipality, confirmed by as seen in the program. Boards set so very sad, equally sad dishes. Decadent atmosphere. First date attire unwatchable,both for you and for many he. Of the three men/menu, the girl was then choose her favorite to invite him out for dinner. In a room, There too, pretty dull. And the episode ends there.

In Short, If my dinner date were all so, I would have given, probably, fasting and abstinence amorosa. Luckily, has never gone so.


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