Milan | Tano passami l'olio

by Thursday, February 23, 2012

A nice place. Fun, original, a little’ pricey but really interesting, gastronomically speaking. This is the Temple of olive oil, so much so that "the use of butter is almost banned, except for a few cold dishes whip, the sauce (of onion, garlic, shallots and the like) I find it unnecessary and outdated, i.e., to give body and tastes I find unnecessary burdening with too much structure of these ingredients, (as for other use in softer versions) but I try to keep as much as possible the integrity of selected products, the cream is not even taken into account», stresses the patron, Gaetano Simonato, for friends, Note, Tano. AND’ in the early 1990s, during a visit to a mill in Liguria, that is struck on the road to Damascus by a passion for the Green Gold, I will leave more. For this, in its restaurant you can find over 40 selected olive oils personally by Tano, each suited to specific dishes or perfect for play on your plate, to make more than one liners “authorized”, with the warm bread that bakes for all evening. It works so. After the greetings of the kitchen – one of my dinner was really seductive, translucent RAVIOLO of Apple with coral and mousse tagliolini with cuttlefish – arrive at table four bottles of oil, from different parts of Italy, and empty dishes. Tano urges you to try them all, having fun with their flavors and with that ritual much as confidential and joyful home which is the “scarpetta”.

Then via a succession of emotions, the peak came with the tartare of beef and truffles accompanied by ice cream and truffle oil; gnocchi filled with liquid egg and truffle; the ball of Meringue with toffee and other wierd things.

My four girlfriends and I are coming back a little’ teenagers and the evening was really memorable. Tano offers a frequent but non-invasive presence at the tables, is cute and has so many things to tell. The restaurant is really cute (sigar room bonus), vaguely French-style, hidden there, in a street of the Naviglio Grande in Milan.

One of its specialties is the de chèvre crotin in glassetta of sugar and Orange-Scented Caldiff with black truffles and balsamic vinegar, prepared in the Hall to flambé: a show fun, Although all five us, the dish didn't make me crazy. But we made bad ;), having regard to the many fans of this recipe…


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