Passion makes the difference. An example? Optima Meat

by Thursday, February 23, 2012

When passion becomes product or work in General, the difference you hear. All the time. Whatever it is. AND’ the case of the family Demagistris, of Bene Vagienna (CN). In 2010 officially started their company, the Optima Meat, accomplice a challenge, that Alberto Demagistris has certainly not left out to collect. Probably, is to say, I expected more.

«It all started some time ago in Bordighera, where my family has a holiday cottage. I was there with a group of friends and, After yet another grilled fish, I proposed, for the next week, a dinner of excellent Piedmontese meat which of course I got I. I Say “Of course” because, as my father, do the veterinarian “buiatra”, What is involved in cattle and in particular of Piedmontese cattle. I took the raw meat and barbecued grilled plantains and enthusiasm was sky-high: “But how is it good, ever eaten meat, where do you get? Why don't you bring to us?”». Alberto thought to lure passengers, instead requests to friends and acquaintances, or even friends of friends, they were so insistent that they shoot a spark. "I always wanted to breed calves – recounts Ab – but I had never thought to make this my desire». Call him case, destiny, crossroads. The fact is that Alberto decided to embark on this new adventure. Experience, head his flesh with the usual friends and then when it reaches a standard of excellence to him «good» opens its doors to Optima Meat. "Since nobody forced me to make this experience – explains Alberto – my desire is to make it the best, offering the best product possible». So just butchers 4 items per month, feeds them with hot foods, without food or pharmacological forcings. Hay Only, non-transgenic maize, Bran, broad beans, barley, wheat germ, protein pea, beet pulp. Banning silage, industrial processing waste and even soybeans, products that at the time of my grandfather do not even know what they are», Motiva Alberto, who married as a whole returning to a natural breeding “from bygone days”. Its stables are not overcrowded and animals are warm in winter, they sleep on wheat straw, graze freely, and when the moment of slaughter, Albert takes them one at a time, and claims that the animal has no stress. Not only as a matter “morale”, but also because this ensures an even higher quality of meat, which sublimates with about 5 weeks of maturation (on average are 20 days).

The philosophy of this small breeder (just 60 garments per year) is that its flesh – neutered or females calves – “is good from the tip of the tail to the tip of the nose”. "There are no more or less noble parts», says convinced. For this reason Optima meat is sold at a price per kilo is the same for all parts of the animal: 17,50 euro. Customers are end users, throughout Italy. Send any type of amount (but it is obvious that we must reckon with the shipping costs), wherever and 24 the product, Once placed under vacuum, is delivered.

The result is a product I must say really convincingly. A mild flavor and tasty at the same time, easy digestibility, an exceptional softness. Wholesomeness and tradition all there, in a piece of meat that speaks for itself, just try it. If you came to get it, You can make your online order by writing to

Today the Optima was meat at restaurant Osteria in the two swords of Trento. Tomorrow (23 February) will the House of Isera wine, the 24 at D&D always in Vallagarina. But if you have a look at this tour also touches some other place around Italy.

These are some of the delicious dishes that I tasted this evening:

Bowl the cabbage and free-range cockerel

(Why Optima few months breeding in the wild even chickens, chickens and capons)

Spicy beef tartare

Beef Carpaccio with pomegranate and Garda oil

Beef tartare with winter truffles of Monte Bondone

Goulash soup with small canederlo of tradition

… And a wine pairing


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