Talking about how to drink: at Vinitaly there good drinking lovers who reject the elitist language

by Monday, February 20, 2012

Dear friends and dear friends of GG, Finally someone starts to take seriously as preached by Sex and the wine and our Wine Women Want space, the need for simple language for wine. Certain, us from the time we are talking about something even more “Come in”, but I seem to begin to see the right path. Read the press release below.


Sunday 25 March at 16 called to the Mario Rossi collection of wine: lovers of good drinking who reject the elitist language. Will form a jury.


It will be called The Osteria dei Mario space of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Colli Berici and Vicenza at Vinitaly (pad 7 – stand G5). It will be a full-blown bar, with wooden tables and chairs in straw, trump cards and paper from swipe (la Gazzetta di Mario). But above all the wine we drink in classic Goths, the small Inns of glasses once.

"We believe – says Andrea Monico, Coordinator of the consortium – which the wine world needs a decisive simplification. We must recover the joy of a glass of wine to drink with, bring this drink in the middle of the table. Our area offers wines perfectly suited to this interpretation, as the Tai Rosso, the wine, convivio ".

Last year, the Consorzio Colli Berici and Vicenza had launched the initiative "Wanted Mario, the average consumer ". This year reinforces the direct line to consumers through the Mario-expected rally Sunday afternoon at 16. Are invited all those who feel a "Mario del vino": lovers of nectar of Bacchus who do not recognize descriptions bombastic television guru, nor in tedious of branded wine.

To facilitate the access of non-specialists, the Consortium will offer three admission tickets at the fair on its Facebook page (

All Mario that give oath, by dipping your finger an inch in wine, receive the Mario-card and enter right in the jury of the Festival, wine Vineyards of the Palladium which will be held next 11 may. A contest that will not judge the wines with tabs and scores, but just for their pleasure.

In addition to Mario-the gathering at Vinitaly of the Colli Berici (Berici Hills) and Vicenza will be marked by three events: on Monday afternoon a concert combined with wine tasting Vicenza DOC; Tuesday afternoon playing Tai, the discovery of the Tai Rosso dei Colli Berici and 3D tasting Wednesday at which the blogger Maria Grazia Maina will discover materially olfactory sensations of Merlot and Cabernet dei Colli Berici (Berici Hills).

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