Annecy Festival promoted in day-time all week

by Monday, February 20, 2012

The junta on the eve of the 15th Edition,airing the episode 410, Annecy Festival(the program hosted by Ellen Hidding and Edoardo Raspelli) It is now a regular companion for the midday of Sunday.

But by Monday, 27 February there will be a surprise: Annecy Festival is promoted and, In addition to the usual presence of Sunday at noon, also airs during the day. This is an experiment,given the great results of viewers and share program: every morning at 10.50, from Monday to Friday, There will be a half-hour de “Annecy Festival stories”. One day will be run by Ellen Hidding,the next day by Edoardo Raspelli.

Meanwhile, the last episode aired was a success Sunday for the Annecy Festival that has been seen throughout the hour and twenty of the transmission from well 1.967.000 viewers with a good share of 11.37 in trading targets.

In the face of the Annecy Festival success, There is competition. Green line on Rai 1 is in crisis continues. After an all-time low of 17% two Sundays ago, in the first part this week exceeded even the hard core of 20 % : only the 19,52 % share with 3,368,000 spectators.

There is finally history on The 7 to “You bring me”, the program hosted by Gianfranco Vissani and Hermin (wife of Henry Mentana ): 263.000 spectators and 1.58 % share.

(source: Mediaset Networks Press Office )


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