Comes the first historical dictionary of Italian gastronomic culture

by Monday, February 20, 2012

By ' cooked water’ a ' Ginger ', the food enters the Accademia della Crusca dictionary. These will be the first historical dictionary of Italian gastronomic culture, that will rebuild the ways and forms through which you have outlined over the centuries ”the Italian in the kitchen”. AND’ This is an undertaking from the collaboration between the Accademia della Crusca in Florence, the most prominent scientific research center dedicated to the study and promotion of Italian, and the Academy Barilla in Parma, institution that promotes the Italian gastronomic tradition in the world. Missing, so far, a linguistic repertoire of the major texts of the Italian gastronomic tradition and history research of culture and food is specifically for studi di storia della lingua italiana. To fill this gap the bran with some universities (The Lumsa in Rome and Wisdom, Torino and the University for foreigners of Siena) promotes research project ”The Italian in the kitchen. For a historical language vocabulary of gastronomy”.


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