A bubble of perlage rosè in Umbria. Here's the tomato carapace for Ferrari

by Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finally came out from the shell and presented yesterday at the Triennale di Milano the eagerly awaited cellar-shaped carapace sculpture — that is, the shell of the turtle – by Arnaldo Pomodoro. To sign him was Gino Lunelli (today honorary President of Cantine Ferrari), tied to 30-year friendship tomato. The impressive artwork from breathtaking beauty lies in Umbria, in Bevagna, where the Lunelli in 2001 bought thirty hectares of vineyards. The new reality is called Held Castelbuono and that's where Tomatoes had carte blanche to build one for the famous sculptor represents the debut – to 86 years – in the world of constructions: «An artwork is unique in the world, I consider as my legacy, a tribute – says Gino Lunelli was moved to tears – to close the my career».

To take part in the construction of the impressive turtle there are many realities in Trentino: primarily the architect Giorgio Pedrotti, that has handled the entire structural design, until you get to the fundamental work of tinsmithery, curated by Eurocoperture Pergine. The carapace, In fact, stands, atop a hill vineyards, for nine feet tall and a diameter of 38 meters for 28: a shell whose coverage is made entirely of copper plates on which Tomatoes left his creative signs. Supported by a bending of laminated wood arches, the carapace from outside bewitches, but it leaves you breathless: a large central arch that bears the weight of a backbone, branch out like the ribs of arches side series that make an environment that expresses strength and soft at the same time suggestions. A ziggurat, enclosed within a spiral staircase, serves as a tasting room and all the rest of the wine cellar located in the underground development. Here come, When the production will be at full capacity, about 500,000 bottles of Sagrantino di Montefalco and Rosso di Montefalco, already launched on the market starting from 2003 and the result of "an important work on the vineyards, now in organic conversion, with new facilities and upgrading existing ones through a selection of clones with the Istituto agrario di San Michele all'Adige», tells Marcello Lunelli, President of Castelbuono, that yesterday officially handed over the management of the company umbra to his cousin Alexander, youngest son of winemaker Mauro.

Forbidden to know the cost of construction, "because of the whims and works of art you don't look ever at the price», But talking about figures that go far beyond the 5 million euros. Of artwork, for all intents and, This is the first in the world where we live and work»: for this reason also the institutions of Montefalco – present yesterday in Milan – expect to visit the new cellar will flock from around the world. Because an investment like that in Umbria? There was wanting to make new experiences of excellence, but not only. Thirty is heroic viticulture because of mountain: the same tenacity it takes to grow a vine difficult as the Sagrantino», explains the CEO of Ferrari, Guido Pianaroli. Perhaps for this reason the Tomato looks like a turtle (that invokes the slow rhythms of nature and wine), a spaceship (for new achievements?) a rising sun (for new challenges?). And a little bubble of perlage rosè, not to forget the inextricable link that now binds the Trentino to Umbria – drawing possible new avenues for the wine tourism – and you can touch the 16 June, day of the official opening of the carapace of Castelbuono Seal to the general public worldwide.

(my article appeared today on Corriere del Trentino)


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