The gentlemen of the “outstanding coffee” today at La Scala in Milan

by Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A courteous gesture by the unmistakable Italian taste comes from Naples for today viewers the first milanese Aida: is the rite of “caffe sospeso” which lands at the Teatro alla Scala. But what is this blessed suspended coffee?! Nothing equilibrists sipping coffee while walking on a wire suspended in the air, No wizards which make float cups as of boiling black, nothing SIPs left in half to hurry – North – rushing to work. The coffee is outstanding. AND’ This: When in a bar in Naples was ordained a outstanding coffee, the customer pays two coffee but it receives only one. Like this, When a poor person enters the bar can ask if there is an outstanding Café, and if so get a coffee as if it had been offered by the first customer. This tradition has been part of Neapolitan society for several years but is now less widespread.

A high-mindedness that we could import from Naples to Milan, Torino, Verona, Trento, cannot find?

And couldn't that be a caffe’ napoletano to revive this civil habit “by exporting” in Milan: Kimbo, the caffe’ who from Naples port in the world the excellence of Espresso and it is from this season partners and official supplier of the milanese Theatre, augurerà buona serata a tutti i milanesi che oggisi accingeranno ad assistere alla prima dell’Aida con la cortesia di un Espresso offerto prima dello spettacolo nei bar dei Foyer Toscanini e Galleria del Teatro alla Scala.

Una scelta che può essere vista anche come un omaggio al soggetto dell’opera: Aida è una schiava Etiope e cioè originaria di uno dei luoghi indicati tradizionalmente come l’origine della pianta di caffè varietà arabica.

Kimbo è marchio leader nel mondo del caffè: la grande qualità del prodotto è alla base del suo crescente successo che ha fatto registrare una crescita del 4,7% di fatturato nel 2011 with respect to the 2010, nonostante la difficile congiuntura dovuta all’impennata dei costi delle materie prime.

Con sede a Napoli, where is born 60 years ago, Kimbo is well-represented in the large distribution channel, the cafés and catering listings.


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