8 March from GeisheGourmet | No striptease, you go to the cellars of the Arena in Verona

by Monday, February 13, 2012

Let us now: usually a non-GeishaGourmet celebrates 8 March. If anything commemorates, but certainly not if he goes out to dinner with friends that day and then maybe end up in a nightclub to see some macho intent in definable striptease, in the best case scenario, hilarious. But this year there is a really interesting, and it's called “Eight women for the March 8”. It ' initiative with which the Consorzio Tutela Vini Valpolicella celebrates the day of women, offering the opportunity to learn about eight producers of Valpolicella. The March 8, the cellars of the Piazzetta Scalette Rubiani, at 20.30, the eight tell-producing their wines, born from the passion with which they carry on wine in their businesses and give a personal and distinctive figure, who plays in the style of wines. To conduct the DOCG wines of Valpolicella is Karen Casagrande, elected only 24 years, in 2010, FISAR Sommelier of the year.

This will be followed by a concert of jazz music of Miss Marple.

The tasting will be limited to 100 people for whom reservations are required, to be made at the Consorzio Vini Valpolicella, tel. 045 7703194 or via email at info@consorziovalpolicella.it by March.

The eight are producing:

Silvia Aldrighetti – The Bignele

Marika Bonomo – Monte del Frà

Elena Farina – Beer, Flour

Charlotte Easter – Cantine Pasqua

Lucia R – Villa Monteleone

Chiara Recchia – F.lli Recchia

Mohan Raj – La Quercia

Paola Vason – Valentina Cubes


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