Things to Geisha | The shoe of pots. By Lous Vuitton, Obviously!

by Saturday, February 11, 2012

foto scarpa pentole di luis vuitton

The “Manifacture de souliers” by Louis Vuitton, located in the province of Venice, on the banks of the Brenta, in that footwear district which is one of the excellence of made in Italy, There's this wonderful thing that I'd love to have in the garden I… It's called “Priscilla” and it's a huge shoe sculpture (high 4,70 mt) by Joana Vasconcelos created with 600 pots and lids.

Perfect for us Cinderellas of kitchen… Vuitton, It is not that we make a template that you can wear?!

foto scarpa pentola di luis vuitton


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