The Liqueur if you like

by Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Rosolio delle Due Sicilie, antique liqueur fruit of a tradition dating back to the end of ' 600 to wish an equally enduring love. The women of time preparing the Rosolio with rose petals, honey, citrus fruits, cinnamon, orange blossoms and many other typical ingredients, ingredients that can also represent a variation to the recipe that we are going to propose. Was prepared and served for Weddings and special occasions and is still today a unique specialties to accompany sweets.

This is the proposal of Distillery C for Valentine's day, the meeting devoted lovers. The company c produces this liquor of citrus and rose petals, also known as nuptial liquor, According to the recipes of the convents in which was produced. Tradition has it that you use to toast to baptisms, engagements and weddings, to wish the couple a prosperous and lasting Union. Global era lovers have email and sms to substitute letters, but the taste of this ancient liquor remained authentic. For this reason the Rosolio delle Due Sicilie distillery Caffo is the ideal conclusion for a dinner full of romance.

And the 14 February to Limbadi distillery (VV) It is not a date any: C has a special reserve wine cellar of wine spirits (Brandy) in Aging from the Valentine's day 1964. A mere coincidence? To know that you will have to wait for the 50 years of ageing in 2014, When the company could reserve some surprises for those who loves and not just.


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