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by Thursday, February 9, 2012

Last Saturday I found in a grocery store in Bergamo an onion extraordinary: that diSan Andrea, South of France. The ladies that I have sold have told me that is the replacement of Tropea when not season, but often those who try prefers the precious Pearl calabrese… I do not agree, If not for the establishment of onion soup, that this is extraordinary San Andrea!

The cultivation of the Cévennes is sweet onion, for almost two centuries now, closely linked to the history of this region. Is inseparable from the characteristic terraced landscape of the southern Cévennes, by warm and dry summers, abundant water that irrigates the land generously. The activity of men, committed to raising the walls, to convey the Brooks, to maintain the high quality of this traditional production, witness great constancy.
It is here that the sweet onion Cévennes, taking benefit from specificity of this territory, from the ancient knowledge of its farmers.
Incredibly sweet crude, tasty from crush, easy to store too many months after harvest, The Sweet Onion Cévennes he, little by little, seduced the successive generations of locals, then conquer all consumers the plain of Languedoc and, recently, anyone in France and abroad were able to savour it.

Here is a little’ recipes to enjoy with my beautiful discovery!


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