Identità Golose 2012 The things that I liked

by Monday, February 6, 2012

After a busy day in Milan at the Festival by Paolo Marchi, I attended for the first time (previous editions were always on dates impossible for me), can I give reason to Luca Amodeo, that has defined “il paese dei balocchi”. Among chef tourbillon that flit hither and thither, between classes and a stand, the gastrofanatico has definitely go in sollucchero: points all along the various Bao,Cedroni, Cerea, Esposito, Sabin etc. non è cosa per chi ha il cuore debole 😉 … But what is even funnier, According to me, you turn to the stands, observe the patrons, and even more to discover new things.

Aside from my disappointment for not having personally known Paolo Parisi, the man eggs and prosciutto di cinta senese (When I passed by his stand he wasn't there), some nice discovery – in the midst of many known names – I made it:

1. atop the curiosity there is the truffle perlage Tartuflanghe (Costa 16,50 Euro per package, you buy online here), — serificato and truffle juice made of similar form with caviar. Certain, it cool there is no comparison, but it's still a curious product, playful, imaginative and full of flavour…

2. the stone-made dishes

3. the dish made bottle designed by the Chimpel of Val di Fassa

4. the mortadella of trout sampled at the booth of Bardolino. Personally I prefer the traditional mortadella pork fat, But even that proposal by friends on Garda Lake had its funny because.

I have to admit that the fairs are not funny: too many people, you never speak well with someone, all of travel, too many things to follow and above all too much confusion. Ergo, Maybe something I missed. If you tell me that I'm going to taste it directly on site, by producers or by caterers, that seems to me to be always the most pleasant thing to do :).

As soon as I can I upload photos. (9.02.2012 loaded! 😉 ).

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  • Cosimo Piovasco di Rondò
    February 8, 2012

    Hi Geisha, I read that you are passed from parts of Identità Golose. Since Cosimo instead there is managed, could you tell me what was the presence of Trentino. What is the participation of Trentino as a special guest? I wonder really without provocation, but one thing I think I've misunderstood.
    Hello and good job

    • Gourmet Geisha
      February 9, 2012

      Answer you returning you the post event press release (haven't done a pre…) disclosed by Trentino Marketing and then I'll comment: “An important role occupied producers, as the Ferrari F.lli Lunelli Trentodoc and Cavit, the Olive Oil of Garda Trentino Tammineedi company, trout, Golden trout and char, Mieli Thun honey, the Pastificio Felicetti pasta, wild herbs of Primitivizia, vinegar, by Pojer e Sandri's, they are "dropped in" with their own stand, dialogue with the public.
      Significant to the Trentino the moment of encounter with local chefs: Paul Which Are Able, Alessandro Gilmozzi, Alfio Ghezzi and Daniel Facen presented, in front of an attentive audience, dishes and creative and traditional recipes that not only represent Food excellence, but confirm once more how the typical products from becoming an identity card for the territory and, as a last resort, an essential richness from the tourist point of view”.

      Then, the stand was not a happy position. Was narrow and long. Not many seats. Cavit and Fantasy had their booth. By pojer was another stand along with his other friends fantastic. Mieli Thun and Primitivizia have made a meeting at booth Trentino on Monday afternoon. Tuesday wasn't there to show cooking of our chef, tell me – those who were there – It's gone pretty well, not exciting. Mystery on Daniel Facen, Trentino but bergamasco from “centuries” Chiuduno preview… Here's, I don't know why we called him, Maybe it was brand… From Rome make me know – but I haven't had any time to check it out – This presence at Identità Golose in Trentino is Marketing cost less than 100 thousand euros… But I would confirm who of Trentino Marketing is listening..

      Now I wonder I, in what sense do you have misunderstood? Hello, GG.

  • Cosimo Piovasco di Rondò
    February 12, 2012

    Hi Geisha, I think I've misunderstood (or all too well) the sense of this section “Trentino Special Guest” (so had been sold the thing in the statement released prior to the event). Saw that behind there was a sumptuous “collaboration” sponsored by Trentino Marketing. I wonder what sense would sell the image of Trentino in this way, through sponsorship-collaborations. Everything here. Anyway thanks again for your report…

    • Gourmet Geisha
      February 15, 2012

      You know, It would be more clear if sponsorship is called with their name. But I'm going to learn a few things about it, then we feel soon.

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