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by Monday, January 30, 2012

I thought this restaurant. Cold environment, mediocre service, empty on Sundays for lunch (my table from 4, a table from 2 and a table from 1) When around Verona there was worldwide because of winter sales.

We tried the raw squid and noodles salad (good), the mixture of raw shrimps and prawns (discreet), Macaroni with scallops and pegs (disappointing), a fish fry really poor level of crispiness, flavor, I also think quality, the scallops au gratin. But the disappointment of disappointment was dessert prepared by chef for my birthday: a mille-feuille of the worse that I have ever eaten.

Maybe I must give another chance to this, but it is difficult because the experience was decent but not memorable, of those that do not make you yearn to return. We spent 80 euro each with two bottles of wine from 40 euro each.

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  • Dea Elmi
    February 3, 2012

    Hi Francesca,
    Wow! That was some experience, at least the whole thing wasn't an abject failure. You know re reviews, I have made the personal choice not to do any negative ones and we have had some “harrowing” experiences last year. It’s just a choice, you do a service to the public by warning them but I just feel for the poor beleagured resataurant that clearly has issues already and a negative review is just another nail in the coffin. If they bad, word gets around anyway and sooner or later they pay the consequences. The pen is such a mighty weapon, thank you for the review, have a nice weekend and I do hope I get to meet you this year at Vinitaly. Will tweet you, regards from Marsala, Dea.

    • Gourmet Geisha
      February 3, 2012

      Hi Dea! I know it’s not nice to write not enthusiast things, but I am journalist and tell my story, I don’t want to do critics. Only to tell my experience.
      Hoping to see you at Vinitaly, many kisses

      • Augustus Ferrara
        February 9, 2012

        Being the owner of this place I would like to respond to the review.
        I think that writing about their experiences regarding the premises they visit, regardless of whether they are positive or negative , is still important. Unfortunately it is not easy to please everybody in this business, The critics always need to improve. The only fact is on Sunday, After almost two and a half years, in December we changed the closed that normally was just on Sunday. Understand that people didn't know were open.
        Create a cool environment with 7 covered is not easy.
        We still again if there will occasion.
        Kind regards.
        Augustus Ferrara.
        Pescheria i Masenini srl

        • Gourmet Geisha
          February 9, 2012

          SIG. Augusto thank you for your comment and I will certainly return, rest assured. See you soon!

  • Roberta
    October 3, 2013

    I've been several times in this nice restaurant in Verona. Also recently for a business lunch; It was Sunday, It was raining, and there were a few reserved tables. But I ate very well : a seafood appetizer, fresh gilthead Carpaccio, clams and bottarga Spaghettini delicious, a sea bass baked in foil with tasty mushrooms, and finally a chocolate cake from the soft heart that has left its mark !!!… I will be back very soon … 🙂
    Hello Francy,
    I'm sure change your mind the next time you return (I advise you on a Friday or Saturday night worth) …
    A warm greeting,

    • Gourmet Geisha
      October 3, 2013

      Ciao roby, But yes, We definitely practice. ma a me proprio non è andata tanto bene 🙁 peccato

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