The Whisperer to Amarone and Recioto

by Friday, January 27, 2012

Tomorrow there's Amarone preview 2008. And among the many emails that I arrive I read an article about a figure Vinit wine that I liked and I'd like to tell you. Please copy here the beginning and I refer you to read on the site who wrote. Sorry only that he had never known Bepi, to whose memory still tomorrow brinderò with a glass of Amarone.

“' Scolteme”, the old farmer said in his mellifluous and persuasive veneto dialect, “te ghè from ben comportarte”. Give me straight, you mean well. “Te ghè from farme glad”. Giuseppe Quintarelli,

the old farmer who spoke to wine, known throughout the Valpolicella like el Bahr, He died Sunday 15 January. Had 84 years. AND’ died in the days when good winemakers perform the first racking of the wine.

Quintarelli is one of the fathers of the noble Amarone, the wine that listened to him judicious in large oak casks in the cellar of Cerè di Negrar. This great old man who spoke with the Valpolicella was a character who would have liked very much to Ernest Hemingway, the American writer who in the book “Across the river and into the trees” called “brother” the veronese wine.

His dialogues with wine were soliloquies of an old dreamer? The wine the answer really? “Does bravo”, He said Bahr. And the Recioto roared up satisfied. “Grow well”. And the Amarone ronfava like a cat stroked the nape. “Yes, the wine answer me”, I granted pariarca of Cerè in an interview.

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