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by Friday, January 27, 2012

J'ai toujours pensé que le champagne devait être au vin ce que la haute-couture est à la mode."-Alfred Gratien

(I always thought it was champagne for wine what Haute Couture is to fashion.)

I really think was right, Gratien, founder of one of the oldest fashion house of Epernay, with a history that dates back to the year 1864, and that despite the subsequent shift to a German property, He kept the spirit of the original philosophy: the stay true to a tradition in taste, the result of precise selections in the vineyard and in the cellar, choices of accurate.

AND’ merit of Vittorio Vezzola if I could know and appreciate this wine, decided, complex, intense flavors, strong body and soul refined and elegant. Maybe not a champagne for everyone, Perhaps more than anything else not for newbies. I compare him to a man able to conquer more women “Browse”, those that don't just show up with a bunch of flowers (to tell the truth happens so infrequently now) and a couple of invitations to dinner to convince. Serves “be there” and be real. Here's, This I found in Golden and glittering – to the eye and the palate – Cuvee Paradis of Gratien 2006, which I cannot even say that label and bottle I liked very much (the style also wants its part!).

In the evening I Uncorked, my parents had prepared the pumpkin tortelli with pumpkin bertagnina that I had purchased in Pavia some time ago. Sensational. Perhaps the combination may sound out of canons, but I assure you that both the tortelli Gratien gave me much satisfaction, gave me a piece of “Paradis” ;). Because hardly a high fashion dress not good for any occasion, as well as good champagne.

Technical insights on Gratien here.

If you want to taste, you find it here, on


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