Soap TrentoDoc | Battered by the Taverns in Trentino

by Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The new product brand guideline Osteria Tipica Trentina, produced by the provincial government 20 January, did argue for inclusion of the possibility of the structures that are part of the reserve a part of – albeit distinct local – at pizzeria. The thing that it seems to me – and most unique grave – concerns rather the indications given by the new provisions on the wine list. We read in the document, to the point 1 "Products": "Each period must include the following. White and red wines: altogether 10 different types and 30 trentino wine labels. In the case of bulk wine offer, the same must be trentino. Dessert wines: Vino Santo Trentino Doc, Moscato giallo and Moscato rosa. Sparkling Wines: 5 Trento Doc labels. Grappe: 6 different types and 10 labels ".

I remember, for if it were lost or forgotten, the information the province, Trentino Marketing, Institute for protection of TrentoDoc, essays and commissions for the new Wine Plan, were very precise: bet everything on the promotion of classic method sparkling wine at home in the internal market. As you can, then, the wine list of a Typical Trentino Tavern is set as mandatory to have thirty labels of red and white wines and ten of Grappa and only five TrentoDoc labels? Only five out of a total of labels 88. Say little is an understatement. Tell me astonished, equally. Because the space that it prefigures for 37 producers of TrentoDoc is non-existent or so small that it cannot be heard, watched, perceived as a strong signal from the institutions want to finally give beginning to the overt promotion on the territory so TrentoDoc. It only remains, at this point, who rely on restaurants, hoping that you do not restrict the "minimum Board" established by the specification and, Instead, lengthening the list of classic Italian method in their wine-making proposal. Why would land and territory. Why does identity.

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