Masi at 68 million euros. The Inbox Count Federico TrentoDoc

by Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Masi, led by Sandro Boscaini (left in the picture with his son and family Bossi Fedrigotti), closes the 2011, Despite the difficulties, with an increase of 5% and a turnover around 68 million euros. Ebitda is greater than 30% positive and are also the other parameters: the export quota is at 91% with distribution in 88 Countries (Canada first, followed by Usa, Scandinavian Countries, Germany and, Japan).
In 2011 She was also formed Masi Estate, with the creation of a company, the farm Roads Million, which groups the Group lands in Friuli. The parent company Masi Agricola of Gargagnago controls today Serego Alighieri's Possessions with the connected Serego Alighieri, Campofiorin vineyards, argentina Masi Tupungato Vineyards La Arboleda, the join Pian di Rota in Montalcino and PWS di Pedemonte, Wineries Contend Bossi Fedrigotti, Lands and vineyards and new Roads Million. It is around this group really brothers Bansode move. After the investments of 2010 in new installations in Valgatara, solar energy and new vineyards in Argentina, in 2011 There was a doubling of the cellar in the Andes, It is the system of automated production of TrentoDoc sparkling under the new name Earl Frederick Bossi Fedrigotti.

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  • Vittorio Vezzola
    January 25, 2012

    An EBITDA margin of 30% It is remarkable at that level of turnover. Can be happy.
    The little dog what it's called?

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