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by Sunday, January 22, 2012
chalet fontana

Chalet Fontana | Florence

The Chalet was born in Fountain 1896 Thanks to Tullio Fontana, interested in creating a meeting point of artistic and mundane for a city, — Florence, that was the cradle of the Italian culture. An environment that, in its long journey toward contemporaneity, He collected the words of writers such as Vasco Pratolini, Leonardo Sciascia, Pietro Annigoni, who had done the Chalet Fontana the ideal place to talk and be inspired by.

The history of Chalet Fontana is now kept and renewed by patron Richard Sick which has modernized the vesta, following the advice of the architect Fabrizio Throat, creating a sparkling, dynamic environment can enhance based on perfumes and atmospheric characteristics of the winter and summer seasons.

In winter the restaurant is surrounded by the atmosphere of lights where the gastronomic proposals of the chef Massimo's found the perfect secret ingredient. A glamorous environment, not only restaurants but also pubs and discos with live music. In summer there are scents of green outdoor OASIS to recreate the vividness of yore. Colors and scents of the countryside that radiate guest stops that lingers under the tent listening to the voluptuous live music.

Pub Restaurant
Chalet Fontana
Viale Galileo Galilei, 7 – 50125 Florence
Tel. (+39) 338 4219250 –


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