Polenta carbonera

by Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just a small slice for taste, as it was a hundred years ago: a concentrate of taste, In short, absolutely imperdi- bile even nowadays. Among the ingredients that enrich this delicious recipe there is the Right of the Giudicarie Dop, one of the oldest dairy in the Alps. The name of this cheese probably derives from "stress", juice mass, because the milk that is produced this cheese undergoes numerous processes of reaming. Is the result of a "peasant" cheese art passed down over time, When the peasants smagravano milk as possible to obtain a greater quantity of butter, then well remunerated. Meats and cheeses are the bread to gather in worship around this poem for the palate.


the flour "nostrano di Storo" butter salt water

Trentingrana cheese onion and cut into small local Spressa pieces red wine sausages

Cook the polenta in a traditional way. Apart from, Sauté with butter and onion puff, then add the shelled sausages, Sprinkle with plenty of red wine and leaves- Re evaporate. Three-quarters of the cooking, Add the sauce thus prepared polenta, "trisa" for a few minutes and, in last, Add cheese. Let simmer for a few minutes, stirring occasionally, then reverse on the chopping board.


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