Amaretto Giozio arrives in the Usa: more than 1 million bottles in 5 years

by Saturday, January 14, 2012

Distillerie Franciacorta, historic leader of national ownership of distillation brothers Gozio, has signed an important trade agreement with Castle Brands Inc.. in New York for distribution exclusively in the United States of "Amaretto Gozio". P targetsfor the next five years include sales over one million bottles.

Listed on the Nyse, the American Stock Exchange, the North American company will distribute in the Usa exclusively grappa "La Corte", other prominent brand in the portfolio of the distillery in Gussago, in Franciacorta. John Glover, Chief Operating Officer of Castle Brands Inc., said: "We are excited and pleased to be working with Distillerie Franciacorta and are proud to be the exclusive distributors of their Amaretto Gozio. We believe this is the right time to respond to consumer demand for a super premium macaroon. We are convinced that Amaretto Gozio, with its unique features and the beautiful packaging, It is suitable to meet the needs of the market».

Amaretto Gozio is a delicate almond liqueur made from the best quality from four continents and left to infuse for at least 60 days. The original and elegant bottle is characterized by an innovative design, for a product that retains the feelings and features of yesteryear.


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