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Yesterday as today, in the countryside you don't throw away nothing. That's a very poor dish becomes a culinary rare. Sought after by many, but not all.

There was a time when, before becoming a poor man's dish, giblets had a first-class seat on the boards of many people. The passion that the Etruscans had liver and offal (giblets, If referring to birds or related products) is just one of the oldest testimonies, to which follow many others. An old Irish story tells in great detail the love of a King for "fat, kidneys and tender tripe ", revealing that the tribute to offer a Lady of the Court consisted of ani- melle and pig hearts. In Paris in the 17th century the innards were much more popular steaks, and even more expensive. The French called the "parties" nobles ", and every Hunter was carrying a set of ceremonial knives to remove them and put- the grilled with a small ritual, then offer the powerful shift in honor of her bravery. It is probably for this habit, If even today we say a man undaunted that she "liver". The Scots also Revere offal and their national dish, called "haggis" made of sheep innards wrapped in her stomach, is eaten during a lavish ceremony accompanied by bagpipes.

Has always been considered a very poor dish Trentino cuisine, Instead, the sguazét, a stew of offal: of heart, liver and lung, you could also add the Sweetbreads. The original recipe called for using kid offal. Normal maize polenta (gial- the) or saraceno (mora) the "sguazet" is married to perfection and it was a delicacy that is usually consumed in the days when some animal was killed at home.

Ingredients for 4 portions:

veal offal 1 large onion 1 tbsp olive oil gr. 50 of butter 1 tablespoon white flour vegetable stock half a glass of dry white wine parsley salt, Trentingrana grated pepper

Cut veal offal (heart, liver, Lung) in pieces. Finely chop the onion and FRY in butter and olive oil. Add giblets and sauté, then a cuc- white flour chiaio, continuing to cook over a low flame. Pour a ladle of vegetable broth. When this is consumed, Add the white wine and a handful of chopped parsley. Adjust with salt, season with freshly ground pepper and a handful of grated cheese.

Serve with polenta.


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