Or I don't have Ais or Ais… If so, I prefer if "no Ais”

by Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It took me a while’ to comment on this news because I wanted to remove it with some’ holidays and instead I found myself inundated by things to do… Anyway, This publicity of the Ais has done much to discuss:

So disconcerting that some people think is not true, and instead you can find it right here

By donna, I believe that none of us will recognize in an image of the feminine side of wine (vi ricordo il mio Sex and the wine 😉 ). This girl portrayed in the new advertisement of the Ais and its courses is:

1. absolutely not sexy or sensual or charming. And really too young.

2. dressed as if he had just raised, or he was going to the beach. Horrifying…

3. Poor. She Ais doesn't have it, and that is why the glass doesn't know hold… The problem is that probably doesn't even have a Hairdresser, a cloakroom and someone who the shoe tips… And that if this is the image of women that have those of Ais, Let's go well…

Dear gentlemen of the Ais, If you want to put some’ of femininity in your Association and if you want to talk to women (increasingly growing trend), you have to communicate differently. Let's have a chat if you like, one day these. Why isn't this the way that women give the wine and even what men give to women who let themselves be seduced by the pleasures of Bacchus.


3 Responses
  • Franco
    January 5, 2012

    Premise to agree on very little relevant advertising opportunities (usual disheveled woman who crushes a glass), allow me a few observations:
    to) The judgement, strictly masculine, the girl in question (and not on the message, means) can only be different from that of GG.
    (b)) Obviously the concept of good taste is questionable, because the “style” the author of the blog in many (and especially many) doesn't seem exactly the peak which aim…

  • Ga
    January 6, 2012

    I man I disagree with everything that Franco writes, I agree fully with GG style that has to be taught to many, maybe too many…

  • Franco
    January 9, 2012

    Who wants to, Dear Ga, I'm of the old school, but the ” Leopard ” have taught me that it's not very classy (see picture above). As well as the boots to Pretty Woman flaunted on several occasions from our…

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