Rates from Franciacorta sparkling wine

by Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From Bergamo, where are these days, I call into question why in Trentino is a lot of talk of Ferrari Brut in 8,99 and 7,99 euro… Then, just for the record, that sound that always moves me, Today I stripped the iPhone and I immortalized the prices on the shelves of the large Auchan shopping centre in Curno, Let's say the second by popularity after the Orio Center.

As you can see in the pictures below, There is the Ferrari Brut investigated to 10,19 euro, not discounted formula, so I suppose that this is its normal selling price. If this is the case, promotions listed in recent days it would involve rebates of one or two euros. Little thing, and especially plausible in frequent strategies, in Gdo, by “OWL products”. Of the rest, the Ferrari Brut is the base product that you can't base of Ferrari (didn't even know it existed, so to speak, I stop at Maximum Brut), even under the Demi Sec, sold – find it online – to 15 euro. Then the 10 euro Brut seem more than adequate.

But here it is, the surprise. Tut, even the Franciacorta you sells off! Incredible. And at prices from Prosecco: 5,99 euro!!! Certain, It is an almost unknown label, but here also note that the price was not in promotion, It was a normal shelf price, not the stuff of seasonal sales Christmas and new year.

If I find it tomorrow I'll take a look also at Esselunga. Ever that there are also a promo Bellavista… If there was, I'll buy some chest?

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  • curious
    January 5, 2012

    The spy who came in from the cold! Is careful, Geisha, reagents as are the franciacortini could go ahead pay. Honestly though, I see that you have immortalized, is a label of a semi-desperate behind a fancy name, highlighting not only the name, But even the DOCG. Having the exemption, the real highlight not more Franciacorta, taking it for granted. This is one “discount” important! Hello

  • andreaaldrighetti
    January 5, 2012

    but by! I can't believe you don't know which of those 4 and passes million bottles to baked Ravine, about half were of Ferrari Brut. Do not live by only Perlé! 😉

  • Angelo
    January 7, 2012

    The Coop has still a Franciacorta docg to 6.99… 🙁

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