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Brazedel was called trentino dialect a large braided bread donut, sweet, that women, returning from the market, carried with ease by tucking in the arm. The custom wanted was a typical Christmas gift. A time in Trentino the eve was observed by fasting and abstinence and the evening were no ne ne dinners dinners. Vigils were suspended and spun, descended on the country a quie- solemn and yourself in the middle of the night you could see a glimmer Windows lit in front of the Child: Christmas gifts were not, but head- damage. The days between the two parties was all a fervor of preparations, mostly culinary character. The traditional gift was, Note, "el brazedel", that the furnace in the country continued to churn out. The gift was called "la bona man" and the Donuts was accompanied a book, a garment, rarely some precious object.

Ingredients for a brazedel:

kg. 1 wheat flour

gr. 250 of sugar

gr. 200 of butter

gr. 200 of sultanas

3 egg yolks

gr. 450 of milk grated lemon rind

gr. 10 Brewer's yeast

gr. 10 of salt

Dissolve the yeast in a little warm water and knead the fa- rina, adding salt, the softened butter into small pieces, the egg yolks, sugar, the lukewarm milk and raisins also som- Fearing softened in warm water. Work the dough until soft but compact texture, then put it on a plane, covered with a cloth, letting it rise for about an hour, at a temperature of 26 degrees. After this amount of time, mixed again for a few minutes and divide it in half, working each of two parts with your hands in order to get two rolls that are intertwined with each other and merged to form a circle. Lets further rise for other 45 minutes, at a temperature of 26 degrees, then brush the surface with beaten egg and bake in the oven at 220 degrees, for twenty minutes, until the donut reaches an amber color. The brazedel can be kept, in a dry place, even for two or three days.

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