The wine at Christmas according to Enoteca Italiana

by Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas wine on the tables of Italians? Definitely Red and to toast the new year you stapperà a good bottle of national sparkling wine. The Italians, then, you have grappa and distillates, a magnum or many labels in limited etidion, typical liqueurs and oils. To say this is Enoteca Italiana, the ente nazionale vini, made in Italy icon from 1933. «In choosing wines very affected by the spending that year-over-year records with a budget reduction of 15/20%. -says Salvatore de Lio, Enoteca Italiana – Director for gifts you point about wines noble best-known companies, mostly reds with designations also known because it was convinced of the product recognition. An interesting aspect about the purchase for own use, in this case you leave much advise and purchase lesser-known wines, from Calabria, Puglia, Brands, Trentino and Friuli».

This news, I've read about Beverfood, If, on the one hand, confirms a trend that I seemed to detect – which means that this year the wine is red rather than with bubbles (too allegro saw the morale of recent times?) – on the other hand some’ makes me smile. There may be that the wines of Puglia, Calabresi and marches are not well known, but really wines from Trentino and Friuli have a low reputation as the Negroamaro?


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