The emerging trend of hotel restaurants

by Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A little’ as the bubbles, that slowly are able to take off the festive wine labels, so too the hotel restaurants are winning credit among the increasingly gourmet. Although the road is still long, the process is in place and is being felt, so by being the subject of a Conference on the theme "from the hotel to the restaurant, restaurant in the hotel: How to transform a service into a resource ", organized at SIA Guest, the international hospitality exhibition held in Rimini at the end of November, coordinated and moderated by Enzo Oversteek, Director of Guide dell'espresso, and in collaboration with EHMA (European Hotel Managers Association) .

Jaume Tapies
, President of Relais & Chateaux, He emphasized the fact that R&(C) has a strong connotation linked to the quality of catering. In fact, out of a total of 500 Hotels and 800 affiliated restaurants, the catering accounts for the 54% of turnover. In their case, the restaurant is the heart of the hotel: the client comes for a memorable celebration and want an experience that remains in memory. The restaurant should not have necessarily 3 Michelin stars, It can be casual yet charming, but above all it must respond to the needs of the customer.

Other experience Ezio Indians, General Manager of the Principe di Savoia in Milan and National Delegate EHMTO. He directed the hotel offers dining at the highest level aimed primarily but not exclusively business. For the Dorchester Group, This mainly in big cities, good food means good food only at 40%, equally if not more important are the environment and the service. Indians commented on how the guides appreciate especially innovation and should appreciate and evaluate more lighter cuisine but not necessarily strange, the service and the environment.

Rare are the hotels in Italy so large to afford more than a restaurant, prerequisite for combine the two requirements: a creative and a gourmet restaurant that offers simple dishes such as the Park Hyatt Milan, directed by Claudio Ceccarelli, that despite the limited space can contain two restaurants just to satisfy the customers 24 hours on 24 in all public areas, element that is perceived as a value added. The Park Hyatt aims to offer a catering high quality no stop, from beautiful breakfast in the morning. This versatility is an important factor for attracting foreign customers, whether you require a quick meal or a gourmet experience, Although offering a service to 360 degrees is extremely expensive for a hotel that has spacious banquet halls. As regards the question of whether to opt for a foreign cuisine restaurant, the Hyatt insisted that it offered the Italian cuisine.

The accolades are pleasure, commented Marcel Levy, GM of the Hotel Eden in Rome, the location and a great chef are essential, but the economic result is important. In addition to the guide, you have to be very careful to reviews and find a balance between the various factors.

Baglioni Hotels chain, added Stephanie Malcolm, GM Regina Baglioni Rome, It has two famous restaurants in the Hotel living your light, managed by third party companies: are Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, housed in the beautiful historic halls of Palazzo Ciofi Jacometti, in the same building of the Relais Santa Croce, and Il Baretto inside the Carlton Hotel Baglioni in Milan. The Baglioni in Rome has worked extensively on the product and also on the the user's perception, having the good fortune to have a port directly on the Via Veneto and ample facilities for meetings.

The customer's perception is very important, shares Tapies. R&C in fact commissioned a search just to find out how the experience of the restaurant remains in memory on the client. It turned out that, in all continents, What remains in memory is the "host", i.e. the landlord, chef or manager who is, able to establish a personal relationship.

In fact, added Ezio Indians, the level of satisfaction expressed by the comments of our restaurant is very high and is approaching that of the premises run by famous chefs like Ducasse in Paris and London, but Ducasse, We consulted, He said no to Milan because it felt that the cost/revenue not to be negative should impose prices too high for the market.

When asked about what criteria determine the choice of restaurant for Starwood hotels, the Director Tribolet He clarified that the factors that determine these choices vary from destination to destination According to the marketn where. Ducasse acts according to the logic of the market and this has created less expensive restaurant brands as Mix and Spoon. To keep these, concluded, as well as other Smart side concept as Expressly Illy, the chain of Italian-style coffee.

At the restaurant the customer expects a kitchen with a strong local identity, claimed Levy. For this reason the Eden was opened recently with great success a more informal section of the restaurant that offers typical dishes of Roman cuisine and attracts a lot of foreign customers.

The hotel restaurant no longer exists, concluded Oversteek. The challenge at all levels is to adopt very high standards conjugated with personalized hospitality to get the satisfaction of a client who expects a good kitchen with local identity at prices compatible with the context. Often, however, the quality of products and excellent cuisine, but the message does not pass sufficiently to customers, Perhaps because the service carried out according to the standards of the hotel companies world-wide is considered too rigid by customers.

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