Paris | Brasserie Thoumieux

by Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The revelation and the dish I'd say cult are squid spaghetti alla carbonara. This Brasserie is located on the ground floor of the prestigious Restaurant de Jean-François Pleat, who has two Michelin stars, only 20 seats (very difficult to find place) and which is located on the first floor. The chef to prepare menus for Brasserie and the restaurant is getting him, Jean François Pleat, familiar face in France thanks to its many appearances on major channels. This media momentum allowed him a freedom of choice and tastes to create its menu dishes. As, Note, spaghetti with cuttlefish mentioned above: cut squid for as spaghetti alla carbonara and seasoned… A really eccentric and successful dish, Although, personally, I found the taste of the squid a little’ covered by the strong flavor of the condiment. The rest of the dishes was interesting. The ambience is popular with Parisians and boisterous as the most typical brasserie you can imagine. Prices, quite friendly (10-20 euro) especially for Paris, but eye to wines, all very expensive, Alas.

Bread, butter and butter with sardines

The legendary squid spaghetti alla carbonara

Langostino tails salad

Grilled prawns (sorry the photo, It was very dark)


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