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Friends of Archimedes came to mind to wait for Christmas with a serialized tale. Here the first chapters, and then at the link

http://blogfolio.archimede.nu/agenzia-di-comunicazione/category/racconto-di-natale You can read the continuation. Tell me that you talk things gourmet. We just have not read!

RDN: —, A Christmas tale

1. Ultra Secret Dossier Classification: secret.



WARNING the information contained in this dossier is a collection of reports, Diary pages, communications and recordings made between December 2011 and January 2012, at Pythagoras Imaginative, Note communication agency of Trento. This dossier is intended to any number of people (but that does not exceed the ten units worldwide). If you are not part of this small circle and for some obscure reason you're reading, your life is in danger. If you go beyond this warning line, your life will not be worth anything. If you're still reading, in spite of everything, Now you are on the path of no return. At this point you can continue to read without problems. Don't you tell anyone what you read. You're officially dead. It's just that I still don't know. Good luck!

Signed: G2. Prologue

By Mariela Trento's diary, 27 December 2023

What's worse than spending Christmas alone? I always wondered. For twelve years I knew. The worst is not pass it at all. Twelve years before Luc Martens is dead, djshocker [BA] from a bullet fired at point-blank range from a 9 mm. We found him lying in the Office, almost curled into the ground, with a sly smile on his lips. That smile he had when he was satisfied. When a sudden insight or took him out something important that had kept busy for days. He looked like a child who has just shared a secret with her best friend. Was the 30 December 2011, and he had that smile as a child and a hole in the forehead. And his secret would result in grave. What could have shared with her killer so deep by agreeing to slip into obscurity with no regrets? At the time we didn't know anything about Luc Martens. No one imagined the existence. Only now that the Web 4.0 is a reality, the truth is coming up. Because the old algorithms and related events do not affect most anyone. Except to us of the Agency. Except me. Because, even if you do not know, one thing I can say: Luc Martens was my friend.


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