Foie gras cake with corn crepes

by Thursday, December 1, 2011

Well, What do you think about this? I am planning to put it in my menu of 25 December…

For 12 slices

For the cake:

gr. 150 of Goose liver pate

gr. 50 fresh cream mushrooms olive oil parsley

scallion sweet passito wine pepper salt

For the corn crepes:

ml 200 of milk

gr. 40 of flour

gr. 50 corn flour

2 eggs

2 egg yolks

gr. 30 of melted butter

For gelatin:

lt 1 of red wine

lt 1 of water

1⁄ 2 l Red Port

gr. 250 of sugar

gr. 60 isinglass

6 tablespoons Cognac aged

4 lemons


  • First of all prepare gelatin. put the sheets of isinglass in a pot with water: When are softened, put the pot on the stove until the sheets will not be dissolved and the liquid is clear. remove from heat, Add sugar and stir until it is well dissolved. Add the lemon juice, cognac, the wine and mix well.. Pour into a bowl and put in the fridge to cool (at least 3 hours).
  • Meanwhile, proceed with the preparation of the cake. mix 150 gr. of Goose liver pate with two tablespoons of sweet wine and 50 gr. fresh cream. Sauté the mushrooms in skillet with oil and the shallots, parsley, salt and pepper to taste.
  • Prepare the batter for crepes, allow to stand 15 minutes then start to cook the crepes, that must be very thin.
  • At this point you have to alternate layers the Pate, mushrooms and crepes, paying attention to begin and end with a crêpe cake.
  • Finish covering the top of the cake with gelatine.
  • Refrigerate for about 10 minutes and serve.


Sweet wine with complex, persistent, intriguing, Sauternes Aoc premier cru; Alsace Aoc Gewürztraminer Vendage tardive; strong ale beer to buckwheat, Amber, spicy, structured.

(Peter Brunel for Yellow Gold)

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