Two minutes of true lust with the Pierre Hermé 's Waffle

by Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In Paris, on the hunt for Christmas gifts from Lafayette (went just fine), I came across something really extraordinary. The Pierre Hermé 's Waffle. In Lafayette is hidden in the basement, the heaven of shoes: among sparkling Miu Miu and Jimmy Choo silly at some point I, in a corner, a small space dedicated to chocolates. I approach to investigate the proposal and, After a line of chocolates and macaroons prepared as in jewelry (and the prices were those), I see this sort of cialdina packaged in a super minimal half transparent envelope, aluminium half. I incuriosisco and buy.

It was a Waffle. But not any Waffle. The gaufre, or gauffre, otherwise known as waffles, are biscuits cakes wafer, Crispy outside and soft inside, cooked on hot plates double that give them their characteristic appearance embossed: have, i.e. a grateful. Are, in different variations, typical of Belgium, of France, of Germany and Netherlands. In Italy are produced, most dry consistency, to create the wafer. Are of the same composition used to make ice cream cones in pods.

Pierre Herme ones are round waffle, stuffed with an incredible Tahitian Vanilla Cream, Madagascar and Mexico. There is also the version with hazelnut and raspberry, but that is amazing vanilla. Open your bag and enjoy for a few minutes an absolute pleasure: true lust, apotheosis of the throat, a condensed sweetness engaging like never before. Best of sex, or at least the majority of the sex that's in circulation (I'm provacando? Sììììì).

If you've done mouth-watering, the good news is that you don't have to climb on a plane to fly to Paris: You can also order on the internet, here






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