Prize for Andrea Vergani Guolo

by Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Andrea Guolo, friend and journalist and author of "Gangs in pot. Free Land, the flavor of a challenge”, was honored Saturday 26 November in Milan (Press Club) as the winner of the prize "Reporter of the year 2011”, dedicated to the memory of Guido Vergani. Has established itself in the print section, as the author of a series of services published by the weekly The Tannery toxic/noxious shoes sold in shops in the Chinatown of Milan.

The award was presented by the Director of Corriere della Sera, Ferruccio De Bortoli (President of the jury) and the Chair of the Chroniclers Lombardi, Rosi Brandi.

Shoes to poison”, We read in the explanatory statement. “In the heart of Milan's Chinatown shops expose and sell for a few dollars on fake made in Italy, false and fake leather real leather. True there is only the content of hexavalent chromium, highly carcinogenic substance for those who come into contact. The investigation was a journalistic investigative strand which leads to seizures and complaints, but especially in the discovery of the terrible threats that the fake market and price dumping policies lead to unsuspecting health consumers. The report by Andrea Guolo embodies the rigor of chronicler and demonstrates once again the essential social function of journalism related to facts and research”.

For the author this is the third recognition of 2011, After the "Quill", first prize in the publishing section (with Gian Omar Bison), for the book "men and meat. A journey where the food " (published by Franco Angeli), and after being shortlisted for the prize "Communicate entrepreneurial consciousness" with a chapter of "Mafias in pot", dedicated to wine and titrated Centopassi "the mob passes, the wine remains ".

«With emotion and gratitude I receive this important award ", says Andrea Guolo, "that is the result of a great teamwork. There is a strong connection between my professional commitment in two different fields, fashion and food: the passion in the tell and document the work that underlies a product, the need to inform consumers about what they buy and the risk that an unwitting purchase can benefit organized crime. Are the same motivations that underlie the text of Mafia's cooking».



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