The “gastronate” nightlife

by Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There are so many to pick from the pleasure and fun 2012, signed by Pappoe. For example, the fact that in Madonna di Campiglio is a haven that is drinking champagne from the gutter… Don't believe it? Look here:

If you're curious to experience (I doubt), the refuge is the Patascoss slope.

But there is something for all tastes, also for lovers of tortellini, whose Holiness now no longer taboo. Via broths and sauces, Now we eat with the Body Turtelein, romagnola version of body sushi…

Therefore, It is true that the shape of ravioli you say is inspired by the navel of Venus, but here in this new practice there passes. Little poem, little taste, very show, It seems to me…

And then I know that you're ready to get in the car if I tell you that even Piero Chiambretti opened his restaurant, in Turin. You see it here .



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